Top Web Design Elements that You Should Know About

A sound web designing strategy is crucial when looking to attain success with your online business. The first thing any person visiting your website will notice is the design and look of your website. Even the efficiency of your SEO strategy will depend on the way your website has been designed. It is essential to stay well informed about the latest trends in web designing so that you can have the perfect website for your end-users.

Here is a look at some of the coolest web design trends and practices that are in vogue at the present moment.

Retro fonts

Fonts frequently get in and out of fashion. There have been numerous typography styles in the past. Most of those fonts are not used anymore. Having said that, many of the fonts are now coming back in use but in an all-new avatar. Many of these classic and retro fonts are going through a redefining. Moreover, new styles are getting added to them. Hence, it is the time for proper experimentation, and traditional fonts are now being given modern twists to make them look more interesting and engaging.

Horizontal scrolling

Plenty of web designers these days use horizontal scrolling for their projects. Although horizontal scrolling was once considered undesirable, nowadays designers are experimenting with this feature and using it in practical but innovative ways. The horizontal scrolling feature can be an ideal way to present users with secondary information. Moreover, it can be done more progressively. It will be much like in image galleries. A way to encourage site visitors to use horizontal scrolling is not forcing them directly to interact with this feature but providing them with alternate methods to explore the website, such as arrow buttons that direct the users into specific actions. It is also important that designers do not use horizontal scrolling while the users must read through a text.

3D visuals 

Most websites these days feature higher resolution screens. Therefore, this has made it possible for designers to work with 3D features. The good thing about 3D design is that it has gone through some significant improvements over the years. Now, it is perfectly possible to use superior quality 3D visuals and to include them in the web designing project. When used correctly, 3D visuals can boost the user experience of the people visiting a website. It is important to use 3D design to add some element of depth into the screen while at the same time having a sense of elegance and harmony with it. Even minimalist layouts can look dashing when they come augmented with 3D visuals. The good thing about 3D elements is that they can make a website look unique, and the added sense of dimensionality can engage the audience in a far better way.

Augmented reality or AR 

Augmented reality or AR is yet another web design tool used for delivering the end-users a powerfully immersive experience. There are now many different types of technologies, such as WebXR API. Such technologies help in implementing augmented reality features on a website. AR is ideally suited for the e-commerce and the retail industry as they help get the audience interested in the products and purchase them without any delay.

Gaussian blur

A web designer looking to add a sense of soft blurring effect to the gradients and images in a website can work with Gaussian blur to achieve the best results. While this effect has been in use for quite some time, designers prefer experimenting with it in several different ways.

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