Top 8 Sports in The World in XXI Century

Sport is an important part of human life. For some, sport can become a real motivator to build a brilliant career, but for others, it is an effective pill to be in good shape. Regardless of the situation, sports cause positive emotions and real excitement. By the way, Dead or alive 2 NZ also cheers you up perfectly, so you can look at the amazing game while there is an off-season pause in your favourite sport. This review will focus on the top 8 sports in the XXI century.

The Most Popular Sports in the World

According to the recent research by marketers, football dominates in the ranking; it is followed by volleyball, basketball, boxing, and wrestling. Let’s take a closer look at all the popular sports:

  • Football is the king of sport with over 5 billion fans. The game is most in-demand in European countries. Football championships unite millions of people around the world in front of TV screens. The game is broadcast in 214 states. Therefore, it is not surprising that footballers are the highest-paid athletes.
  • Cricket has over 2.5 billion fans worldwide and is one of the 10 popular sports. Basically, the sport is popular among the countries of the former British colonies, namely Australia, India, New Zealand, and others. Cricket matches can be played in one of two formats: first-level cricket and limited-overs cricket. Level 1 matches take three days or five days. Limited overs, usually 20 or 50, are played over one day.
  • Hockey is a winter sport. It is widely loved in the USA, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, etc. The number of fans is 2 billion. The objective of the game is that two teams try to throw as many pucks into the opponent’s goal with the help of clubs. It is considered one of the most traumatic team sports; therefore, it is super spectacular.
  • Tennis is known for numerous athletes with legendary names, and the number of fans has already exceeded 1 billion. The game can be played on different surfaces: clay, grass, carpet, a special court. Tennis is more entertaining than table tennis; the game also requires high endurance and good physical condition. Most appreciated are the Grand Slam tournaments, where winnings amount to millions of dollars.
  • Volleyball was invented in the USA in the 20th century and is still popular in the 21st century. There are over 220 national volleyball organizations in the world. The number of fans of the game reaches 900 million people. The game gained the greatest popularity in Brazil, Thailand, as well as Poland, Turkey, and China.
  • Table tennis has existed for a long time, but this sport gained popularity largely thanks to Asians, especially thanks to the Chinese. At the last Olympiad, the Chinese national team won all the gold medals, losing only first place in the mixed doubles. Today, the fan base is around 875 million. The International Tennis Association is made up of 225 states.
  • Basketball is one of the top popular sports with around 825 million fans. Professional leagues in Argentina, Greece, as well as France, and Italy are in high demand among the population. Experts are confident that basketball will soon become even more widespread. The game was formed in the USA, and then quickly migrated to other countries and continents. To be successful in this sport, it is important not only to be tall but also to develop such qualities as endurance, accuracy, and strength.
  • Baseball has 500 million fans from all over the world. The game was formed in the 19th century in the United States. Baseball is especially in demand in the USA, Canada, and Cuba. The meaning of the game is as follows: one team is attacking, and the second must hit the ball with a bat. While the ball is in flight, the participants change teams. The defending team must grab the ball and throw it at the moving competitor.

What’s your sport? We do believe that the popularity of the above sports will only strengthen in the future.