Top 8 Online courses websites for Pakistani students

Online courses are a great way to learn stuff. Pakistani students use many websites for Online courses. Instead of being restricted by time and location, you have the whole world as your classroom. Many websites offer free courses or charge very little for them. Some sites even offer college-level courses for free!

Most people don’t pay for these things because they think they’re not legit. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of these websites have just as good or better courses than actual universities.

While this list isn’t in a particular order, I will say that is one of my favourite places to learn online because all their classes are top-notch, and they give you a certificate after you complete the class for an additional $50.

Here is a list of some great websites to get you to learn on:

  • – Nearpeer has an extensive collection of courses for Pakistani students such as O-levels, A-levels, MDCAT test preparation, SAT, CSS exam preparation and more at affordable prices. 

Visit now:

  • Khan Academy – Great place to get started and familiar with learning online. Most courses aren’t free, but it’s still an excellent site to check out.
  • – This website has college-level courses at prices below $200, but you have to apply for them, which makes it harder to get in.
  • Coursera – Some courses are free or very cheap, and you get a certificate at the end of the course.
  • Udemy – Has some great courses, but most are higher priced. They do offer coupons sometimes, though, so keep an eye on that if you’re interested in something specific.
  • Edx – Great courses, but the only issue is that they don’t give you certificates. There are usually discounts, though.
  • Skillshare – This site has some good courses for free or very cheap. Plus, if you stay for a year, it’s cheaper than Udemy by far. You can even get an endorsement if you know of a course they don’t have and want to teach it.
  • – Most courses are free, and they offer college credit for some of the courses as well!

All these places are great for learning new stuff. These online courses in Pakistan skill up the students to learn and earn more.