Top 5 Reasons to Visit Leeds, UK

Leeds the city of music, sports, arts, and politics and one of the most famous cities in the United Kingdom. It’s a very vibrant city that is worth the attention of any self-respecting tourist. And today, you will be given the top 5 reasons why Leeds is worth your attention and deserves a spot on your travel bucket list.

1. The Food Options are incredibly Vast

Leeds is known as the Food Capital of the North for an excellent reason! The amount of restaurants and areas that offer street food is incredibly vast and extensive. To give you an idea, here are some examples of what you can expect.

Lunch Option

If you are looking for a good meal during lunch, well, this got you covered. Just head to Chow Down in Temple Arches which has indoor/outdoor choices and some music to make sure you eat with a lovely tune. Not only that it’s only a couple of minutes from Leeds Train Station, so it is very accessible.

Evening Option

If you are looking for an evening snack, then going to Trinity Kitchen is a good plan! It has a wide variety of European food stalls, which get constantly rotated. So if you stay for a couple of days, it will vary what you get there! The restaurant is also part of Trinity Leeds, meaning you can go on a shopping trip, or see a film at the cinema while going out for dinner.

Spicy Alcohol Options

Leeds is home to an immense amount of Independent Breweries, so you can for sure expect a vast alcohol choice throughout the city. A craft beer bar called Tapped, located in the city centre showcases large metal tanks as you walk in, full of different craft beers.

2. Extensive Cultural and Historical Heritage 

Unless you know history well, you don’t quite think of history and arts right from the get-go when thinking about Leeds. But you would be surprised by how much of it there is in this city. Here are some places that are worth your attention to visit and see!

The Royal Armouries Museum

Leeds is home to one of the most prominent museums dedicated to human-sized armour and animal armour. You will find on display the largest amount of horse armour in the world and a complete set of war elephant armour in its collection. It was once engaged in manufacturing armour for kings of England when it was known as the institution of Royal Armouries.

The Harewood House Trust

It’s a vast mansion that spans 1000 acres in territory made for the 1st Baron of Harewood. It is home to numerous works of art and a magnificent bird garden for anyone to see. But besides that, its landscape has been modified with beautifully cut greenery and stone fountains.

The Hepworth Wakefield

An art museum in Wakefield situated on the south side of the River Calder, the successor to the municipal art collection, was founded in 1923. It has numerous art pieces, and the museum’s architecture is worth it by itself to warrant a visit to see this place alone.

3. Its options for short/extended stays

If you don’t have much time to spend in Leeds then this may be for you. You may look into the different 24/48/72 hours options with possible car hire in Leeds Bradford Airport to make a short but very impactful journey to the city. Simply because hiring a car is a more effective way of travel than walking on foot from place to place, which would take much more time.

4. Locations for Family Fun

If a family trip is in your plans, then this will suit them very well! You could find car hire, get a minibus, visit the Urban Farm, or perhaps make a short turn to the aquarium. Or you could go to the Art Gallery, which offers painting sessions for families to entertain the children with your participation. There are numerous ways to have a fun time with family in Leeds. The parks provide picnic spots if you wish to end/start your trip with one! Just make sure to hire a car to carry all the stuff with you.

5. Magnificent Countryside

The countryside of Leeds is a sight to see. The entire country is full of beautiful green plains and wide horizons to the view. The Leeds-Settle-Carlisle railway is a place worth visiting simply because it goes through the National Park, which will let you experience nature in full. Plus, some exercise is never a bad thing!


These are the top 5 reasons to visit Leeds, and hopefully, they have given you a big reason to see the city. It’s a very vibrant place full of different things that you can have an exciting time with. Wish you safe travels and a trip full of good emotions and fun experiences!