Tips For Solving Sudoku Faster Like A Pro

Having trouble solving free Sudoku puzzle games because you’re just getting started? Or are you moving on to harder stages only to find that you’ve reached a dead end? You’ll hugely benefit from using these Sudoku-solving strategies in either situation.

Even if you are familiar with the majority of these Sudoku tactics and tips, you may pick up a few new ones or, at the very least, receive helpful refresher training.

Let’s get started.

  • Be aware of where to begin solving

When you first look at a new Sudoku puzzle, you may be unsure of where to begin. Placing the first digit in the grid can sometimes be the trickiest part. There are a few things you should look for to make it simpler. You may also wish to avoid doing other things.

The first piece of advice is to search for rows, columns, or 33 blocks with the most provided digits. The additional empty cells in the same row, column, or block will be constrained by these areas with more provided digits. Consequently, there will be fewer possibilities for the values that these cells could hold than there would be for other empty cells.

  • Search for single candidates

Single candidates—also referred to as naked singles—occur when there is just one potential candidate for a given cell. This is due to the fact that every other digit from 1 to 9 will have been eliminated by other grid numbers.

  • Improve your scanning ability.

Try not to concentrate on the entire Sudoku grid at once. It is recommended to instead scan various rows, columns, and 3×3 blocks one at a time. By doing this, you’ll be able to see which parts are simpler and focus on those first.

Taking this advice a step further, you’ll also want to scan a few places at once to see how they interact once you feel confident. For instance, you will be able to see right away that a cell will be severely confined if you scan down a row and a column and note that they both contain a lot of numbers.

  • Try not to concentrate on one place for too long.

A key component of efficient scanning is to avoid staring at one area of the grid for an extended period of time. If you’re doing this, it’s likely that the area of the grid you’re concentrating on needs digits to be placed in other parts of the grid before it can be solved.

To choose which area can be worked on first, you must learn how to move your focus across the grid. Then you can return to the regions that are more challenging later.

  • Maintain the momentum

Sudoku is a momentum puzzle because some sections of the grid require the placement of additional digits elsewhere first before they can be resolved. It will become clear that you can solve additional empty cells nearly in a cascade fashion once you begin adding numbers to the grid.

Because fresh digit placement may open new cells, it is crucial to scan along rows, columns, and within the 3×3 blocks.

  • Work your way through complex Sudoku techniques.

You will need to learn and use new, more sophisticated Sudoku methods as you progress from the basic stages to the hardest levels. While X-wings and pencil marking are very simple tactics, the more challenging the puzzles become, the more sophisticated strategies you’ll need to learn.

This is a pleasant aspect of solving Sudokus, where you get to develop new solving techniques. It could also be worthwhile to enter a particularly difficult Sudoku into a Sudoku solver if you find yourself stuck on it. Many will explain the approaches you must use to solve your Sudoku, even though you might not want them to do it for you.

  • Use the process of elimination rather than assuming.

Our final Sudoku tip is straightforward: Keep in mind that Sudoku is a logic puzzle that relies on the method of elimination to produce a unique answer. This means that when solving a Sudoku, you never have to guess. Instead, practice the Sudoku hints and suggestions above while being patient and thinking logically and carefully about the puzzle that is in front of you.

Final words

Sudoku is a fun and addictive game. You will enjoy solving it more if you are equipped with the right tips. The tips mentioned above will definitely help you become great at solving free Sudoku puzzle games.