Things to Keep in Mind While You Prepare an Opening in Chess 

A few secrets about opening preparation that no one is telling you about

Is your child interested in learning to play chess?

Do you want to see your child participating in a chess tournament? 

Do you want your child to become a good chess player?

If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding “Yes”, it is high time that you explain to your child the importance of a good chess opening.

Explain to your child how the position of the pieces is not good when the game begins. It is because the pawns are blocking the way of all the other pieces. Thus, your child does not have any control over the center of the board. Further tell your child that, as it is the beginning, the little one can assert his/her dominance from the start by moving the right pieces.

You can also explain how the right opening gives players the power to be in control of the game. You can assert your point by telling them how a player will be able to win against most of the players, within a few minutes, if he/she knows how to create an opening trap. Moreover, you may also explain how a chess opening also helps players to have a clear plan on how to win the game.

Lastly, it is important for you to understand that without proper opening preparation, your child might not be able to make a career in chess. You may find it a bit shocking but every professional chess player spends time preparing an opening in chess. Even if you enroll your child in PiggyRide’s online chess classes, our primary focus will be to introduce the concept of opening in chess.

With that settled, let us now have a look at some of the opening preparation secrets that only a few people know but they do not them with a lot of people:

Your Child Has to Understand and Not Memorize

Every step you take while playing chess has a repercussion that may resonate throughout the game. Therefore, a good opening charts out the moves that you should make in the beginning so you could control the game. However, it does not mean that your child has to memorize every move of your opening.

A better alternative is to understand the purpose or motive behind that particular move. Once your kiddo understands the purpose, he/she doesn’t need to even think about it while making your moves. Our online chess courses are quite successful because we focus on this aspect.

Ask Your Kid to Concentrate on a Single Opening

There are multiple openings that could help you win the game. However, you don’t have to know all of them to be a top player. There is a saying in Kung Fu, “You don’t defeat your opponent by ten thousand moves that you have practiced. You defeat your opponent by that one move that you have practiced ten thousand times.”

The same is the case with chess. A lot of chess players make the mistake of practicing a few openings at a time. This merely leads to confusion and poor game. First of all, your child needs to be a perfectionist at a single opening strategy and that could be enough to help you win.

Ask Your Kid Not to Fixate or Things that Don’t Work 

There will be times when your child will realize that certain moves have led to bad positions. Instinctively, your child would want to work on that particular area and try to fix the situation by playing it multiple times. Now, it is your duty as a parent to explain to your child that some players do not feel comfortable in certain positions and this could be the one for him/her. 

You can suggest your cd to replace those moves with the ones that could be better than the current line. 

We hope these secrets will be helpful for your child while preparing an opening. If you want your child to learn directly from the expert, enroll your child at PiggyRide’s live chess classes.