Things to keep in mind when using cannabis oil before state distribution

However, there were many groups of cbd öl extractors in the past. Or commonly known as The “underground group,” was released anonymously, and patients, doctors, and officials were concerned about safety standards.

Prof.Dr. Teerawat pointed out the caution in the use of marijuana in treating diseases that It is necessary to be coupled with modern medicine because marijuana may interact to “fight” or increase the effect of drugs already used by patients, such as increasing the action of fibrinolytic drugs, etc.

“Using drugs must know the disease, the cause of the disease, and know how it can be combined with modern medicine.” Prof. Dr. Thirawat said in a lecture on the use of medical marijuana on May 13 at Chulalongkorn Hospital and confirmed that when deciding to use cannabis-based treatment, Must inform the modern physician as well.

Also, make sure that cbd öl products are made from clean cannabis, free of toxins, weed killers, mercury, and heavy metals.

Consistent with the description from Dr. Surachok, Deputy Secretary-General of the FDA, who told the BBC Thai further that in cannabis use Patients with diseases that are not suitable for the drug The benefit from the disease is unclear, with little or no effect at all. In principle, it should not be used.

There may also be complications resulting from drug use. Therefore, it is necessary to prescribe the drug by a licensed physician.

“Cannabis works through multiple bodily systems. Maybe it works to cure a disease. May affect the occurrence of another disease,” said the FDA’s deputy secretary, “for example, epilepsy drugs, when used with cannabis, will increase the level of epilepsy drugs. Speak the language of the villagers The effect of the drug increases, which the patient can be dangerous.

Dr. Surachoke admits that a group persuades people to misunderstand the medicinal properties of marijuana. This group of patients is the group that the FDA is concerned about.

“We don’t want to deceive patients. There are a lot of manufacturers that do not have quality. or tricked into selling at a higher price.”

The future of marijuana dispensing

Previously, the Pharmaceutical Organization said in July it would produce about 2,500 bottles of the drug from the cannabis oil sublingual drop (Sublingual Drop) and will open to patients to apply for clinical trials. or those who participated in the project to receive cannabis extract from the Government Pharmaceutical Organization

However, whether this amount will be enough for people who want to use cannabis for medicinal purposes or not. Because until now, Nearly 10,000 people have filed a claim for possession of medical marijuana with the FDA and the Provincial Public Health Office (FDA) (data from the FDA on May 13, 2019).

Deputy Secretary-General of the FDA said that from a preliminary examination of those who were notified, it was found that many diseases are not suitable for cannabis use. inflate the usage data

“Right now, about 10,000 people are reported, about 50 percent of them are, and there is no indication that they are needed. but we are notified just continue registered person in which area The doctor will continue to take care of the patient. Go talk to the patient, because suddenly I used to use it and then stop, there may be a problem.”

Where can a doctor pay for marijuana?

The Deputy Secretary-General of the FDA is expected to be the Pharmaceutical Organization within July this year. Will successfully extract cbd öl from cultivated cannabis plants. At the same time, the committee drives cannabis for research and medical uses. It allows for the temporary importation of cannabis for production.

There are also several marijuana nationalized by the Narcotics Control Board (NACC). Currently, it is in the process of checking for the number of contaminants. If it’s not at a dangerous level, It will produce before June.

In the meantime, the Department of Medical Services has trained medical personnel. Both modern and Thai traditional medicine have knowledge and understanding in using cannabis extracts to treat diseases.