Things NOT To Include In Your Wedding Registry

Are you getting married in a few months? Our heartiest congratulations! We know how exhausting and exciting this time is – planning the wedding, the food, the music, and others. And one of the most important things to arrange? A wedding registry. 

While several websites will tell you exactly what to keep on your registry, there are certain items that you should exclude. Here is a list of 6 items you should never include in your wedding registry Toronto. Let’s get started!

Things Not To Include In Registry 

  • Wedding Items

Please do not ever include items you intend to use at your wedding. Anything you use needs to be in hand at least a week before the wedding. If you do not receive the items in this time frame, your wedding will be missing quite a few key pieces. 

Also, you will lose the element of surprise at your wedding. Your guests need to see every item on the wedding day itself to make it an exclusive event.

  • Too Expensive Items

Of course, you will include some expensive items like a big suitcase or furniture. Your friend group can buy it collectively. But when you keep too many pricey things, it becomes difficult for a couple or a single person to afford them. So include different items at different price points – this way, there is something for everyone! 

  • No Regifting Items

Do not register for any regifting items. Your wedding registry in Toronto is visible to everyone, and if anyone ends up receiving these gifts from you, it will be a very awkward situation. Also, your guests would want you to have the gifts – their contribution to your new life. They wouldn’t want those gifts to end up with someone else.

  • Too-trendy Pieces

We know how lucrative trendy items can be. And it’s okay for you to want them. But before including them in the registry, ask yourself – do you need them? Do they go with your vision of a perfect home? If they don’t, remove them from the registry. Keeping things that are just trendy and not part of you or your spouse’s taste will make it useless.

  • Same Things At Multiple Retailers

We always recommend choosing multiple retailers for obvious reasons. More items, more variety, and better price points! But make sure you don’t end up registering for the same things with all of them. You might end up with one too many of the same items and not the ones you might have hoped for!

  • Personal Items 

Lastly, make sure you exclude all personal items from your registry. Wedding gifts are meant for both you and your spouse. So to exclude items like personal electronics like a phone, jewellery, or clothes. You will probably receive these items anyway during your bridal shower. 


Wedding registries are fun to arrange. Sit with your spouse, research what you need or want as a gift, and that’s it! Just make sure to exclude the items mentioned above from your wedding registry in Toronto, and you are good to go! All the best.