The Worst Horror Movies to Watch

Are horror movies really scary or is it just me? If it’s the latter, maybe you should watch something else instead…

Horror movies aren’t just fun to watch – they also make us scared. From jump scares to bloodcurdling screams, these frightful films are enough to give anyone goosebumps. This article provides a comprehensive list of the worst horror movie ever made.

Worst Horror Movies Ever!

1. Friday the 13th Part Viii: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

If you think Friday the 13th Part VII was bad…just wait until you see Jason Takes Manhattan. Sure, he’s still machete-happy and has his signature hockey mask on, but this time around he gets all fancy with some sort of rocket launchers. He even takes out Tommy Jarvis too.

But there’s one scene that really makes your hair stand up and makes you want to run for the hills – you know when the killer uses a chainsaw against an unsuspecting blackjack player? Yeah, that’s right, this film features the chainsaw murder montage from Nightmare on Elm Street 3. If that’s not enough, then the sight of all those people being impaled by Jason’s rockets will definitely send chills down your spine.

2. Slender Man (2018)

The trailer looks absolutely terrifying – lots of gory close-ups of bodies and limbs getting sliced up. There’s even a shot of someone’s eye gouged up like a demon-possessed doll. The story behind this supernatural creature involves children disappearing around their hometown, except for one girl who claims she saw him in the woods. You can see where this is going.

3. Rings (2017)

Rings is based on a novel called “Das Experiment” by German author Ekkehard Schall. It tells the story of wolfwinner casino player who become obsessed with a series of mysterious phone calls after a school shooting. They soon start having disturbing visions about the person on the other end of the line. What follows is chaos as they begin to hunt each other down. Oh yeah, plus an evil clown, a deranged murderer, and more.