The Top 5 Places to Visit in Your Luxury RV this Winter

Road trips aren’t just reserved for the summer. In fact, some of the most picturesque road trips that you can have in the United States are best done in the winter.

Think cozy campfires with hot chocolate, frosty mornings that make snuggling even better and driving through a real life winter wonderland where fresh snow covers trees, lakes and mountaintops.

So don’t let your luxury rv go into hibernation this time of year. Instead, prep it for a winter adventure of a lifetime.

With winter-friendly campgrounds that are designed to help you have a cozy camping affair all winter long—some even equipped with outdoor hot tubs to boot—you have plenty of choices when it comes to planning a winter RV holiday this year.

But where to even start when it comes to mapping out the road trip? Well, that is where we come in to help. We have rounded up the top five places to visit in your luxury RV this winter, which have been tried and tested as great options to bring the whole family along for.

1. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Balance out the col winter drives with a relaxing dip in natural hot springs. Found in one of the coolest and most underrated National Parks in the United States, this location is made for a winter getaway. Once you arrive with your luxury RV, you will be able to hook up your mobile home so that you can get the generator running and the heater cranking. You will also be able to access a multitude of hiking trails to explore in daylight, topped off perfectly by a hot soak in the warm thermal waters found throughout the park.

2. Lake Buena Vista, Florida

If you are wanting to take the family to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, wait until winter to plan your trip. That is because the winter season gives you fewer crowds and access to RV campsites that are extremely accessible to the theme park itself. With temperatures being pleasant during the day (we’re talking sweatshirt weather) and not too chilly at night. In fact, you and the family will be able to watch the fireworks from outside your RV each evening to top off the memorable day you have just had.

3. Napa Valley, California

Wine season is an all-year affair. And if you are in the mood for making the most of Napa Valley then head up to northern California this winter. Wine tastes better by a fireplace and you will only have to face a third of the crowds compared to summer. And best of all, you can park up your luxury RV in a conveniently located campground that lets you walk directly to historic downtown and some of the best vineyards in town.

4. Albuquerque, New Mexico

While this state is fun to explore in the summer and fall—especially for riding a hot air balloon—there is plenty to see and do in the winter too. In fact, taking your luxury RV to Albuquerque will put you in close proximity to the state’s best ski slopes without having to worry about finding any accommodation. Plus, you will also be able to show the family some of the historical sites in Old Town, with gold mining and cowboy encounters possible in the wintertime as well.

5. Zion National Park, Utah

While the crowds flock for all-day hiking in the summer, Zion National Park is often best experienced in the winter. The crowds are less and you can likely end up with a portion of the campground all to yourself. Plus, the hiking trails are way less crowded as well—meaining you get to experience some of the most majestic sites all to yourself and without having to worry about heatstroke that often plagues many hikers in the summertime. While you will definitely want to pack layers for this RV trip, you will be in awe of the winter wonderland that takes over one of the most beautiful parts of America.

So what will you choose first this winter? With nearly every state offering great RV trips, you can choose to embrace the cold for a frosty road trip or head south to warmer states that only require a sweatshirt and shorts to stay cool. And with many of the seasonal RVers going into hibernation this winter, you will have fewer crowds to face, more space to enjoy for you and your family and a winter holiday escape to remember for a lifetime. So pack those bags and hit the roads this winter!