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The Official Cynthia Rowley Online Shop is the ultimate destination for fans of the world-renowned fashion designer. From the earliest years of her life to her first marriage, we learn about Cynthia’s journey as a fashion designer. Find out about Cynthia’s childhood, how she became a designer, and her passion for real estate. Plus, we have a special article about Cynthia’s first marriage and her love of real estate.

Cynthia Rowley’s childhood

Cynthia Rowley grew up in Barrington, Illinois. She began designing Pampers diapers at the age of 12 and the company has grown to nearly 60 stores worldwide. Today, her designs range from children’s wear to home goods. Her clothing is known for its fun and whimsical style and incorporates unique prints and patterns. She says her childhood was “one of the best things that happened to me.”

She received a SAIC fellowship in 1981, and then moved to New York City. She took $3,000 from her grandmothers and started her career. Her first capsule collection was launched in 1988, as did her line of home accessories. She collaborated with Ilene Rosenzweig to create a book on fashion. She has also authored many books, including The Swell Dressed Party, Swell Home, and Slim: A Fantasy Memoirium.

Her career as a fashion designer

Cynthia Rowley’s interest in fashion designing began at an early age. She came from a family of artists and fashion-inclined individuals. One of her grandmothers was famous for designing the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo. After graduating from the School of Art Institute of Chicago in 1981, Rowley moved to New York City and pursued her dream career in fashion. She eventually became a SAIC fellowship winner and appeared as a guest judge on the hit television show “America’s Next Top Model.” Search the best fashion designer now Boyish Jeans.

Born on July 29, 1958, Cynthia Rowley was an American national. She designed her first dress at age nine. She later studied fashion design at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her love for fashion design has grown beyond clothing; she now designs menswear as well. She also has her own YouTube channel called ‘cyththia rowley’. She has also been involved with art and culture, and is a collector of contemporary art.

Her passion for real estate

The fashion designer, interior designer, and former Broadway actress has made a name for herself in the world of real estate. Her first New York property, a 1906 townhouse on Perry Street, sold for $14 million. In addition to her residence, Rowley has an office and studio in the West Village. She also has an impressive shoe collection. After completing a major renovation, Rowley plans to rent the other three floors.

She was once tagged as a socialite on “The Bachelor” and has enjoyed a life of privilege and glamour. Her famous mom and interior designer father have instilled in her a sense of ambition, quality, and excellence. Keenan is now following in Cynthia Rowley’s footsteps by starting her own business. She also takes Rowley as her role model. She moved to New York when she was 23, and launched her fashion career with a $3,000 gift from her grandmother.

Her first marriage

After her first marriage ended due to cancer, Cynthia Rowley married Brooklyn sculptor William Keenan Jr. in 1994. Their first child, Kit, was born in 1994. In 1998, Cynthia and Keenan separated and Rowley moved to New York City. The couple married again in 2005, and their son, Gigi Clementine, was born in 2009.

After divorce from Keenan, Cynthia Rowley married sculptor Bill Powers. They had one daughter, Kit Clementine Keenan Jr., who is a designer. Rowley’s daughter has launched her own clothing line. In 2019, she co-hosted an ageless podcast with her daughter Kit. Cynthia Rowley’s second marriage was to art dealer Bill Powers. Bill Powers had two marriages before marrying Cynthia Rowley.

Her family

The family’s love of all things Cynthia Rowley has fueled the success of her clothing line. Her parents gave her seed money and she sold it for $14 million the year after. She also has her 19-foot-wide townhouse in New York, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. Rowley calls herself a “daredevil” and has ventured to the Himalayas and extreme travel.

She started her line of clothing in the 1980s, and today is one of the most celebrated fashion designers in the world. Cynthia Rowley’s net worth is $100 million and she has retail locations in New York, Newport Beach, and Montauk. She designs and sells apparel, home decor, and general accessories under the slogan “Pretty meets sporty.”

Her other properties

Before becoming one of the most notable interior designers in New York, Cynthia Rowley cultivated a love for real estate. After graduating from college, she bought her fourth real estate property in New York’s West Village. Originally built in 1901, Cynthia Rowley’s Bleeker Street home is a three-story townhouse that she refurbished into offices. Her collection of shoes is so extensive that she’s also made it into a museum. Check more brand Mr&Mrs Italy.


In 2011, Rowley and her two daughters were featured in a spread in the glossy magazine The Glow. The photos of their New York home were a perfect example of the eccentric upbringing Rowley received. Growing up surrounded by arts and crafts, Cynthia made her first dress at age seven. She has since won numerous awards and been featured on numerous television shows. She is also the face of a global lifestyle brand. While her other properties include a gallery in the heart of Manhattan, her other homes include a 19-foot-wide townhouse in the same city.