The Different Types of Water Pipes

Water pipes are perhaps one of the first smoking devices used by smokers. These have been around for more than 2000 years. However, it’s only in recent times that stoners have taken a liking to it. The market is flooded with various designs, and we will get to that later. First, let’s begin by knowing what the hype is all about.

What is Water Pipes?

Essentially, these have a broad and stable base with a long neck and a mouthpiece at the end of it. They are relatively cheap and smaller in size.


What’s All The Hype?

Water pipes have taken over the market for smoking devices. Many smokers now prefer these over dry pot pipes and weed joints. Some even believe that these happen to be healthier than the other options. Let’s take a look at the possibilities-

  1. Filtration– their ability to filter the smoke before it reaches the lungs has made these a preferred option. Because the smoke is filtered, the temperature cools it. Also, the possible toxins are removed and, smooth, less harsh smoke enters the lungs. Overall, it is less irritating on the air passage and provides a more satisfying experience.
  2. Possible Health benefits– another belief is that these help you get more out of your medicinal marijuana. They are believed to help increase lung capacity and provide a cool-headed smoking experience.
  3. Several options– there are a plethora of options in the market if you are looking to buy bongs. There is a bong for everyone. There are several designs and materials in the market to play around with before you decide to settle on one. Even then, you can start with a cheap one and upgrade your way as you get more comfortable with it. You can further buy more accessories to go with it. The glass water pipes are quite popular. Silicon ones are perfect for those who are a bit rough with handling and like to smoke on the go. Plus, it’s a portable version. Bubblers are another version that offers portability.
  4. Easy to handle– using these is a less overwhelming process. Once you get the hang of it, these can be super easy to use.
  5. Add to the decor– the artistic look of a water bong adds to your collection of showpieces. They make for a great part accessory too.

The Various Types

Before you get all charged up and rush off to buy yourself a bong, have a look at the following types-

  1. Beaker Bottom– the beaker shape bottom of the water pipe keeps the instrument more stable. Its taller design lets one add more percolators. They are easy to clean as well. Made essentially with glass, these are sturdy and manufactured by trusted professionals.
  2. Straight Pipes– as the name suggests, their design consists of a straight pipe that is quite thick, making it simple and sturdy.
  3. Bubblers– are portable bongs. They are an amalgamation of a bowl and water pipes. They are small in size and can double up as hand pipes too. They come in several designs and provide all the experience of a proper bong. Relatively inexpensive, these are easy to carry around. On the downside, these are difficult to clean, cannot be accessorized, and do not come with percolators.
  4. Percolator– as the name goes, these provide a smooth smoking session because the percolators filter out the smoke and cool it down before it reaches your mouth.
  5. Round Bottom– the round shape with a flat bottom makes this design sturdy. Therefore, these can be made in taller designs.
  6. Recycler- these provide an extremely smooth smoking session. It’s because the water in the chamber and the percolators filter out or recycle the smoke several times before reaching you. These are made with high-quality material, hence a bit high-end. Available in several different designs, these can be accessorized easily.
  7. Multi-Chamber– as per the name, the several chambers cool down the smoke before it reaches you, providing smoother puffs. Available in several designs, these are made with thick glass. Hence, they are costly and double up as a showpiece as well.
  8. Zongs– the zigzag shape of this bong provides a good grip on the design and works as an ice catch. The smoke cools down before reaching you, thereby providing an awesome smoking session. They look awesome too. On the downside, these can be top-heavy and can topple over easily. Not too expensive, one can buy these just for their unique design.
  9. Inline– the fact that these are fitted with intricate inline horizontal percolators, they are quite expensive. Manufactured using scientific glass, these are large and have a straight, thick tube. It’s worth purchasing one to enjoy a great and smooth smoking session—also a must-have for those who like to own collectibles.
  10. Scientific Glass– made with borosilicate glass, can withstand extreme temperature changes. Guaranteed to provide a great smoking session, these are sturdy and thick. A bit on the high-end side, these can last a lifetime if you can maintain them well.
  11. Glass– one of the first water pipes to hit the market, these are quite durable and come in many designs. Glass, as a material, can be accessorized into many variations and provides a satisfying smoking session. Made with high-quality glass, these are affordable and easy to use. Anyone can find a glass bong to their liking and need. However, they can break easily and may prove to be a bit tedious to clean. But seasoned smokers swear by them.
  12. Silicone– come with their own set of pros and cons. These are foldable, dishwasher safe, portable, affordable, unbreakable, and available in many designs and colors. On the downside, these can’t be accessorized, and the silicone tampers flavor. There isn’t much room for smoke to filter and cool down. Still, many prefer these, especially those who like to smoke on the go.
  13. Acrylic– is not a highly recommended one mainly due to the fact that they are cheap and break easily. Secondly, they tamper with the flavor because they are made of plastic. Although they come in various shapes and sizes, they rarely fit the description of a true bong. If you are looking to buy a cheap version of a water pipe and won’t cry over it if it breaks, then go for it.
  14. Ceramic– a predecessor to glass, these are relatively cheaper. They are durable, work well with temperature changes, and do not tamper with flavor. Overall, these provide a great smoking session if used indoors. Although, they can break easily and can’t accessorize. Available in several custom designs, these can be a bit large to carry around.
  15. Metal– are durable and cheap but do not provide a smooth smoking session. They tamper with flavor and are not transparent. Therefore, a user would never know how much of a drag is taken. Also, these can’t be accessorized.

Stay clear of metal and acrylic ones. Glass and ceramic are quite popular with smokers, and silicone ones are fast becoming the favorite ones these days.

To wrap up…

There isn’t one recommended design or type of water pipe. Several exist, and each has its function to perform. Bongs have come a long way since they were first used thousands of years ago. You can play around with different materials and get a custom-made one for yourself. Depending on your pocket, there is a bong for every budget. And many people I know got one here.