The best password managers of 2022

Statistics sometimes collects the most extraordinary data. But in the field of information security, it highlights an unsightly picture. About 2/3 of Internet users are critical of password managers. This is not hindered even by the fact that almost 60% of the Internet audience has ever been hacked. Another important circumstance – the fact that there are almost 1.5 hacker attacks per minute in the world – also causes anxiety. Logins and passwords are usually not secure enough. Even people with a virtuoso memory usually cannot fully rely on it, because there are so many things to do. Meanwhile, with weak protection, the seemingly usual intention to buy a product, order a service, or visit a gaming site can turn into extremely unpleasant consequences.

Password backup software turn out to be a real lifesaver. They are quite comfortable and safe. You can easily save your account information both in the cloud and locally. It eliminates or minimizes the need to write all this into a separate file, to fill out notepads by hand. It is useful therefore to select the best helpers. And for starters, it’s even better to know all the subtleties in a general way.

What is such a product?

unpleasant consequences. The larger the company, the more users usually connect to its resources … and among them there may well be a rogue. Analytical review is implemented primarily through centralized tracking modules.

Main demanded applications

Bitwarden enjoys a good reputation. It will protect both passwords and personal confidential information well. The software is equally suitable for personal and commercial use. An important advantage is open source. Even on the free plan, saving notes and synchronizing devices is open. Recognition by two factors is provided. Users can choose to store passwords locally (not in the cloud). The advanced tariff expands the storage space up to 1 gigabyte. Support on it is greatly expanded, you can generate passwords. A secure exchange of accounting information between individual users or between entire groups has been implemented. Reports are coordinated to find weak and frequently used access codes. Bitwarden developers have provided a cross-platform mode of operation. You can manage your information anywhere, in any browser and on any device. Event logs are quite detailed, which limits access to sensitive information.

In the Bitwarden environment, the number of passwords is not limited by anything other than storage capacity. Premium level options are available at a comfortable price. There is a full-featured performance reporting, emergency connection options. You can generate TOTP codes. Codes are easy to check, test, correct. This approach ensures maximum stability. The platform is regularly audited with the participation of third parties.


The decision to order a product in the field of information security often involves choosing such a product. Dashlane is suitable for both personal and commercial use. In private practice, the system is used as a browser plug-in. Businesses and organizations will love the rich desktop integration with the control panel. Implemented darknet scanning to detect information leaks. The virtual private network will be completely secure. Considered the option to change the password. Password synchronization between devices and ecosystems happens automatically. Updates of information about violations and hacks come systematically. Administrators will appreciate the centralized dashboard. To separate work and personal passwords, you’ll need the Smart Spaces option. Implemented single sign-on using SAML. The system uses a patented 256-bit AES security architecture. You can use passwords together in case of emergencies. It is worth mentioning the Keeper program. It is considered universal, quite suitable for scanning the darknet. You can coordinate passwords and ensure secure communications. Messages are exchanged in a protected confidential mode. Keeper is divided into a number of versions designed for personal and family use, for small, medium or large enterprises. The password manager is quite standard. There is a repository in which documents are kept without unnecessary risk; implemented password generation and automatic filling. Darknet web monitoring is supported, and accounts are securely protected from intrusion. The product is designed to work in a local, cloud or hybrid environment.

The key advantage of Keeper is the ease of scaling. Opportunities will be significantly expanded when moving to new levels. A number of corporate application schemes are envisaged. Companies will welcome the opportunity to prepare a command line, administrative module and corporate chat that provide an end-to-end security layer.


Such an application was created by a specialized company LogMeln. The company offers the product in a personal version and at a business level. The system is designed to check the darknet, to send operational warnings. Of course, autofill, access between devices, generation of string passwords are supported. The exchange of notes in the service with additional communication is provided.

There is emergency access, the file storage is encrypted. There is a panel for confident work both at the family rate and in commercial versions. Prepared over 1200 integrations of the single sign-on complex, about a hundred custom policies. A commercial package could combine password management with IAM, with access tracking. A number of plug-ins for private use have been prepared, which are easily integrated into the most common browsers, including Safari, Maxthon. The system uses Google Authenticator. By default, the project works exclusively in English. Provides protection against keyloggers and phishing intrusions.


The system stands out for its wealth of functionality in terms of privilege management. This is suitable for those firms that constantly process confidential In the password manager, you can not only save an already invented sequence of characters. The option of their reliable generation has been implemented, which is much more convenient than self-inventing. By default, compliance with all generally accepted requirements is supported. A special software environment works in encrypted mode. It is also easy to save other confidential information. When someone is going to buy a product, the payment is made using addresses, plastic card numbers and codes on the back of them. A number of PC operations today involve fingerprint identification. Often, many documents are stored on computers, including those officially associated with specific individuals or important to the organization. All this has to be protected, and a special program just solves this problem.

Traditionally, many people have relied on browser password storage or autocomplete, as well as relying on Windows storage, Google, and the like. But hackers and viruses have been hunting for such information for a long time, and methods for overcoming surface protection have already been worked out effectively. Credential management software allows you to repel these attacks. Do not think that all of it is equivalent to a simple household version. Corporate options are equipped with additional highly developed functionality. They are even more protected from intrusion attempts from the outside.

Key features of the software

The vault isn’t just encrypted; while providing an excellent degree of security. Precautions are provided for at least the AES encryption format. Some of the options are designed to save other types of files, including imported table sheets, pictures, and so on. Good software should have a capacious memory resource. A common thing even for individuals is the use of 10-15 SaaS applications, which includes social networks. In the commercial sector, this is generally the bare minimum, usually 2-3 times more programs are used there. Therefore, saving 15-20 records is completely insufficient, especially since the needs grow over time. Modern software will help you save an unlimited amount of information while maintaining optimal flexibility. You should beware of outdated low-power solutions – they are not only uncomfortable, but also not reliable enough in most cases.

An advanced approach involves the use of master-key complexes. The master key will allow access to the underlying storage. Using it, you can delete or modify some entries. It is also possible to send them to special archives. Some platforms are based on an alphanumeric key that changes regularly, making it difficult to intercept and infiltrate. In some cases, preference is given to biometric access control and the use of physical keys on individual peripheral devices. Interaction with heterogeneous hardware systems is also important. Seamlessly switching between them, as well as between browsers, is no less useful thing than the ability to save information well. Software packages will also have to be evaluated by the breadth of compatibility. Auto-completion of information with their correct indication and accurate operation of the complex is simply very convenient.

Reports and analysis

A good password drive must show information according to accounting information templates. It should handle the behavior of people when trying to access. If you order a product that does not track repeated deviations from normal security policies, you may encounter

Such a program will be able to protect at least 10 people at the same time. Tracking passwords and licenses, other sensitive information contained in the vault is simplified. A well-thought-out master password has been implemented, which is generated using the PBKDF2 method. You can learn more about the program at our separate publication The developers were able to achieve a clear recognition of the password requirements put forward by the Internet site, and compliance with them. Collections of accounts are individual – that is, it will be difficult to access extraneous information. The speed of access allows you to recognize open applications and put forward optimal filling variations. A multi-factor recognition system has been developed, supplemented by a security key. The Watchtower option is very useful. information related to people acting in several different capacities. It is quite possible, say, to encrypt credentials by privileges. The system successfully detects and stops hidden access. The technique of assignment and cancellation of passwords is thought over. Through such a software package, it is easy to track visiting sessions.

Summing up in brief

After reviewing the proposed material, you can learn everything about the most popular password managers. Of course, there are still many such programs. It is possible that some of the unnamed ones here will suit you much better. The main focus should be on the conformity of the product to your needs. When choosing, carefully study all the nuances, key functionality, and competitive advantages. Only then is it worth investing in the purchase of a new application.