The Best Online Casino Developers to Look Out For in Canada

Since the recent legalization of single sport-betting, the gambling industry in Canada now has a huge number of players. This is a tremendously successful business for many Canadian casino operators, says our expert Kevin N. Cochran. He writes that the quality of gaming products that lead Canadian online casinos determines their success. The right content can increase earnings and consumer satisfaction. Because they all use the same software, gambling lacks originality. Their branding is all that distinguishes them. 

Online Casino Software

Formats are used to categorize online casino software. Below is a list of the four most common types of casino software used by the best casino games. 

  •       Downloadable Software
  •       Software for Immediate Use
  •       Mobile Apps
  •       Live Casino Software 

Some providers create software in a single format; however, this is becoming less typical as multiple formats are increasingly available. Live casino software providers are an exception, as they prefer to specialize in that format. 

However, most software creators publish multiple versions of the same game. For example, a supplier may offer download, instant play, and mobile slots. Proprietary casino software follows the same path.

So that their customers can play their favourite games in several formats that suit their needs and tastes, mobile gaming has gained in popularity over the previous few years, with some users preferring to download software.

Best Software Providers for Online Casinos 

RealTime Gaming Software

RealTime Gaming Software is a commonly utilized industry standard. They are known for their user-friendly, fast, and reliable software. RTG is one of the few software companies that provide gaming software to US and Canada casinos.

You may play casino games instantly on RealTime Gaming’s instant play platform. Their casino games can also be downloaded. This allows players to customize their gaming experience. For Mac users, they offer iOS compatibility on their instant play platform.

One of RealTime Gaming’s features is its configurable casino operator settings. Casino owners can choose which features to include in their RealTime software games. As a player, you will meet a vast assortment of rewards and rules. One casino may provide better payouts on the same game than another. 


Microgaming is one of the best-known casino game developers. Since its inception in the 1990s, the brand has been known for its creativity and performance. Microgaming, based in Durban, South Africa, is one of the largest online gambling companies. The main office moved to the UK. Over 600 casinos and poker rooms use their software, and they have offices all over the world. 

Those who have worked in the gambling industry know the current gaming trends and player demands. The company constantly contacts new partners, creates new games, updates current ones, and works with new operators. Microgaming slots have the greatest payouts and RTP. 

Playtech PLC

They design and license virtual and mobile gambling software. Playtech employs thousands of people, including several of the industry’s top iGaming developers. It is continually expanding its empire by partnering with new casino brands.

Playtech’s annual net profit is around 200 million euros, while software development and supply costs are high. Industry leaders support Playtech’s poker software.

Gaming machines are vital to the organization’s success. 3D pictures are also utilized to design intricate slots. In addition to poker and roulette, Playtech offers blackjack and poker. Playtech has also partnered with comic book and film studios, allowing players to identify well-known stories in its games. Iron Man, King Kong, and Safari Heat are just a handful of the classics.


NetEnt is a Swedish gaming developer that creates software for online casinos. An industry pioneer, this casino game supplier has over two decades of experience in online gaming. Operating throughout Europe and North America, this developer’s slots are available on over 250 gambling sites and span over 200 genres. 

Unlike their competitors, they do not own or operate a casino. As a result, the supplier and their customers have no competing interests. They can thereby produce and provide high-quality games for their diversified clientele, 

The games are becoming increasingly popular, and more operators are eager to capitalize on the trend. It’s no surprise, with names like Hell’s Kitchen, Guns N’ Roses, and Narcos. 


Aside from the providers mentioned above, Betsoft is a world-class game developer located in the UK. They have video slots, roulette, blackjack, scratch cards, poker, and free keno. This company is a global leader in 3D graphics automation machines. Many online casinos in Asia, Europe, and America use its software. 

Popular titles include Good Girl Bad Girl, At the Copa, and True Sheriff. BetSoft also has table games, but they aren’t as spectacular or inventive as the slots. 


Ultimately, all the software providers end up with similar products, and it all boils down to how well the casinos handle their products. Some products stick out because they are unique and are probably developed by one of the companies mentioned above. So make sure you pay close attention to whose product you are playing with the next time so that you can form your own opinions and favourites in the gaming industry.