The Best Lottery scratch cards to Buy

Many people think the best a punter will do with lottery scratch cards is to win a few quid if they win anything. But some scratch cards offer high prizes and instant wins. All scratch cards are not equal. Some are better than others. Some have better odds. One Scots chef who chose to remain anonymous visited the Lottoland online site. He was new to the site but believes that he selected one of the best scratch cards. He visited the site to place a fixed-odds bet on the Irish Lottery. He decided to spend a little time online, and when he got to the scratch cards, he tried his luck. He was excited to win a fiver on his first card. But, his next play was shocking. He bought a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” scratch card. He was contacted by the Lottoland site and informed that his second ticket was worth £1million! This is a perfect example of an excellent scratch card event.

Benefits of playing online

When you play scratch cards online, the computer checks them for you with no extra effort on your part. Scratch cards purchased from retail establishments require a bit more work. Retailer suppliers recommend that you submit every scratch card to ensure that you did not make a mistake and have a winner without knowing it. Players are told to bring even losing cards in to be checked.

By playing online, the computer reads your results, and there is no chance of error. You save time because you can fund your account and make purchases from your home, office, or while traveling.

You have time to look at each of the scratch card games. There is no pressure from store clerks or other customers to hurry you along.

You can track your spending. Because you are utilizing the scratch cards via technology, you must deposit the money you want to spend. There is no fear of getting carried away or confused at the checkout and blindly going over your budget. If you decide to make another deposit, you are doing so with full knowledge that you have exceeded your self-set limits.

Popular scratch cards

It is not possible to list all of the scratch cards and prizes in this article. However, we can tell you some of the most popular. These are industry favorites, based on the number of them sold. Most people will try a few before they find their favorite. The following list is a good starting point:

  • Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
    • Top prize – £1 million
    • Price – £3
  • Instant Millionaire
    • Top prize – £1 million
    • Price – £4
  • £100,000 CASH
    • Top prize – £100,000
    • Price – £1
  • Stuffed With 100s
    • Top prize – £100
    • Price – £1
  • Multi-Millionaire
    • Top prize – £5 million
    • Price – £5
  • World’s Biggest Scratch Jackpot
    • Top prize – £20 million
    • Price – £20
  • Football Gold
    • Top prize – £50,000
    • Price – £0.50
  • Hattrick
    • Top prize – £10,000
    • Price – £0.50
  • Ten Million
    • Top prize – £10 million
    • Price – £15
  • Christmas Cashcade
    • Top prize – £50,000
    • Price – £0.50

This is a very small sample of the many scratch card games that are available. At any time, you can access scratch cards online via your computer, android, or smartphone. There are many more. In this example, you see some scratch cards have huge payouts, and others have smaller wins. You will also notice, there are different prices for the cards. There is something for everyone.

Tips for winning with scratch cards

Once you have reviewed the scratch cards, costs, and prizes, you are ready to place your bets. There are no guarantees that any strategy will make you a sure winner, but there are some tips that will give you a bit of an edge. Here are some hacks that you should utilize:

  • Set a budget. Before you begin, decide how much you can comfortably wager and stay within that budget.
  • Stay with the same scratch card games. This is just taking advantage of the law of averages. Let’s say your budget is £25 for the week. You can spend all of the money on the game of your choice. You may get several no wins, or some small prizes, but you are improving your chances of winning a bigger prize. It is the law of averages. However, if you spend your cash on several different scratch cards, you are more likely to win fewer times. There are always more no or low win cards than jackpots.
  • Buy in bulk. Some punters believe this is a great hack. You have set a weekly or monthly budget for buying your scratch cards. If you are planning to buy ten scratch cards this month, buy them all simultaneously. Much like the tip above, this plays into the law of averages. Making one more significant purchase gives you a better chance of winning a prize than buying one or two tickets at a time.
  • Don’t buy the cheapest scratch card just because of the price. It can be confusing to understand all of the tiers of prizes. Keep in mind; cheap scratch cards are that way for a reason. The more inexpensive cards usually have smaller prize pools.
  • Know the odds. Take the time to look up the scratch cards paytables. They have all the information you need to help you make an informed choice.

With all these choices, there is a scratch card game for everyone. This is proven to be one of the most popular and fun ways to enjoy the game. Few things in this world that give you a chance at life-changing monetary prizes for so little. Sure, there will be smaller wins, and sometimes no wins, But you might find yourself on a growing list of punters who struck it rich with a single scratch card. Give it a try; you could be the next multi-millionaire in the UK. It will only cost a tiny amount to find out.