Storm International in 2022 

2022 has been a challenging year for Storm International, Darren Keane, the company CEO said. And it’s time to take stock of the outgoing year. The past year has brought many complex and difficult tasks. With most of its business in the European region, including Ukraine, the company had to take a number of emergency measures during the war. This made it possible to ensure the high-quality work of all complexes. Particular attention was paid to Ukraine. But, in spite of everything, the well-coordinated work of the team proved the professionalism of its members and kept the brand afloat.

2022 has become an indicator that teamwork is now more than ever the most important aspect of the well-coordinated work of the company. The creativity and purposefulness of each company employee play an important role in the life of the brand. This allowed the company to remain indestructible in these difficult times. Storm International has overcome all the difficulties and hardships with dignity, and, having gained valuable experience, can now look to the future with confidence.

The Ukrainian branch of Storm International, Darren Keane noted, attracted a lot of attention in 2022. And this is despite the fact that for several months it completely fell out of work, due to the temporary closure of all units. But there was no fear, no confusion. A creative group in Ukraine decided to relaunch Shangri La at the Fairmont Hotel. This also affected several Kyiv and Kharkiv Slots City clubs. At the same time, it is important to note that the holding managed to maintain the consistently high-quality standards set by the company.

The Armenian branch of the company did excellent work in 2022. This year, a well-coordinated team of Armenian specialists from Storm International completed a difficult task. Shangri La finally opened in Yerevan. This event took place in the fall of 2022 and gathered a large number of guests.

The year of development, good luck, and prosperity for the Georgian branch of the company was 2022. In addition to universal recognition, the unit showed really significant results. The prestigious award “Golden Mark” in the nomination “Best Casino” deservedly went to the complex for the fifth time in a row. It is also worth noting that 2022 was marked by a significant date for Shangri La Tbilisi – the complex turned 10 years old. The brand clearly understands that new competitors will appear on the market in the new year, but this will only push the gambling business in Georgia to further active development. The company is ready to expand its offerings and guarantees premium services in this region.

In 2022, the German branch also showed its stability. Here, all clubs ended the year with excellent results and showed good growth potential. These achievements have confirmed how attractive the German market is. Therefore, the company has planned a number of expansions in 2023.

Separately, it is worth noting the actively developing Internet project – Shangri La Live. Despite a challenging year, it continued to show steady growth dynamics. Many new products have appeared on the platform, from new games to new providers.

The friendly team of Storm International looks to the future with hope. In 2023, new brand expansions and recruitment of new employees are planned.