Step By Step Guide to Play Slot Games in Online Casinos and Explanation of Rules

The latest rankings of online casino video slots, classic slots, explanations of various slots, selecting slot machines, recommended slot models, etc., are posted.

For those new to online casino slots, slot rules, slot terms such as pay lines, how to play slots, attractiveness and minimum betting of jackpots, probability, how to use free spins, jackpot capture aiming for a lot of money, the winning method should know. That’s why the articles will introduce the basic things about เว็บสล็อต (web slots) before you start playing.

Part-1: How to play the online casino “Slot.”

It is the flow when playing in the slot of the online casino. It’s a little different from the slot game of other casino games, so it’s easy, but I will explain how to play slots and the flow.

Choose a slot machine:

In the case of land casinos (overseas casino stores), there are many types in which coins are inserted into the machine, but some casinos also purchase cards with cash and play. For online casinos, there are no special procedures required.

Set the bet amount and the number of lines:

Until you get used to slot games, the stake rate can be at least but set the number of lines to MAX (MAX bet) as much as possible. The reason why MAX bet is good is explained separately.

Turn the slots:

It’s finally time to start playing. Press the “PLAY” button displayed on the slot machine to rotate the slot. Online casino slots automatically stop spinning, so there is no stop button like slots in Japanese pachinko parlors.

Normal hit, big hit:

If you continue to play slot games, coins will increase and repeatedly decrease while repeating regular hits and big hits that enter free games.

Part-2: How to play big wins in online slots?

Winning a bonus:

This “bonus winning” is the most familiar and easy-to-understand shortcut to victory is this “bonus winning.” Some online slots may or may not have bonuses, so it’s hard to say unconditionally, but online casino slots, especially video slots, often have some triggers. It rushes when a certain number of symbols called “scatters” appear on the reels. The “WILD” pattern may be used as a substitute.

High dividend during regular times:

You will get a high payout with a standard spin in many cases. There are many slots where there is a possibility that a full-scale wild that will be a substantial payout will appear at regular times. Slots that won’t let you down even during standard times are always next to your heart pounding!

Gambling function:

Some online slots have a “gambling” feature. This function allows you to gamble half of the payout you made in one spin. There are slots where you can gamble after the bonus, considering that you succeeded in gambling after the big hit. It makes me tremble (laughs).


It’s a casino dream, and a millionaire is not a dream with one spin! A “jackpot” where players from all over the world can collect some of the spun credits and get all of them for one player who meets specific criteria. Thai people have even won over 100 million dividends at online casinos! The odds are tough, but the dream jackpot, which has the power to blow it all away if it hits, is the dream of players all over the world.

Final Thought:

Online Slot games, another name is money machine because you can earn money easily. Online Slots is a casino game where you can dream of really amazing jackpots and jackpots. Thai people have a track record of hitting over 100 million online slots, and you can be dreaming that you will hit it someday.