Real Estate Farming 101: Why This Marketing Method Is A Go-To For Realtors

Real estate farming is about choosing an area where you can send your postcards to a particular area to ensure that you can generate leads effectively. There are many ways to do this, but only one method stands out against the rest: sending postcards.

Keep reading below as we will be showing you why real estate farming postcards work and how you can implement them into your particular marketing strategy.

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Why You Need To Farm

When you want to bring in clients and make money, you need a way to reel those customers in. Farming an area works well because it gets you noticed, and the people in the area will want to contact you because they have seen your card. Interestingly enough, many renters will decide to purchase a home in the area they rent because they are familiar with the site, like the schools and other nearby people. As an agent, you can take advantage of that and turn it into income for yourself.

How Real Estate Farming Postcards Help

Many speculate that real estate farming postcards don’t help anyone, but that isn’t true. Even with the available benefits of digital marketing, you’ll see that real estate farming postcards have been proven to increase your revenue by over twenty percent. Using options such as just listed, open house, or just sold are all options that you can utilize to ensure that people are talking about you. Word of mouth spreads quickly, and when you share a just-listed postcard, don’t be surprised if people begin to contact you with their particular needs.

Using Cards To Their Fullest Advantage

You should have a professional card that showcases you at your best when you want to capture your potential client’s attention. Have well-lit pictures, fonts meant to grab attention without being tacky, and a headshot that shows that you are approachable. Try a filler postcard if it is around a holiday and you want to be more creative. They are a great way to create a fun card that people won’t throw away, and it is a smart way to appeal to families. For example, a recipe on the Fourth of July or pumpkins on Halloween can be pretty effective.

A Solution That Has Been Proven To Be Effective

One reason agents use real estate farming postcards to their advantage is that they have been proven to work time and again. The most prominent real estate teams are making a significant amount of income through this method as it can target the audience they need, and it proves to generate leads effectively.

You can follow their example and begin sending out cards for yourself to replicate those results and have clients come your way instead of going to the competition. Use real estate farming postcards to your benefit, and you will be well on your way to a career that has clients finding you instead of you chasing them.