QRadar Health Monitoring with QLEAN: Why Go For It?

You wouldn’t want the investment of your company to go down the drain in QRadar SIEM system. To make sure that doesn’t happen you must ensure its performance. There is a big list of things that could go wrong with it. To avoid that from happening you should get its health checked. QLean is a monitoring tool that audits and fine tunes QRadar. A comprehensive health check with QLean will help you get the smooth performance out of QRadar which everyone hopes for.  

In today’s article we’re going to discuss why you need QLean for the health monitoring of QRadar and why you must consider it. But before you start reading this article, why don’t you quickly glance over these short reads about why you should outsource software development instead of doing it in-house and how to make offshore software c work.

What’s QRadar?

QRadar is a tool made for the security information and event management. It gathers data from enterprises, their devices of networks, operating systems and host assets, applications and user behaviors and activities with the purpose of identifying malicious activity and stopping it on time. 

You can deploy QRadar as a hardware, software or just as a product that is appliance based. The event processor in it collects, stores and analyzes all the information it receives. In addition to being cloud based it can also be deployed as SaaS. 

What’s QLean?

QLean does a 360 degree overview of your SIEM by self-auditing QRadar. It identifies components of low performance and develops remediation actions that are effective. To start with the following are a few advantages of deploying QLean:

  • You can avoid complex problems that may cost thousands
  • You can get data of high quality
  • You can keep up the high performance
  • You can identify security threats and investigate them properly

QLean Top Features

QLean provides you with at least 50 behavioral and performance metrics and 20 plus health metrics for a quick examination of the functions. The metrics are as follows:

Quality of the Data

This metric helps you get a view of whether the data is complete and accurate. It also assists you with configuration of auditing. For instance if you find out that the window server only send 1 out of 4,000 supported events then there is probably a mistake. 

Analysis of Offence

This metric helps you identify and rectify rules that keeps spitting out false positives. You can correct these rules with QLean and investigate the offences properly instead of becoming anxious with a vulnerable system.  


This metric makes the team of SOC more transparent. You can keep an eye on the output of every member of the team. 


You may wonder from time to time whether your current QRadar is effective enough. Fine tuning/honing will always improve its performance. To make positive changes in the QRadar you can check the ratio of tuned and untuned blocks, entries of network hierarchy and assigned and unassigned log sources. 


This indicator exposes all the gaps there are in various functions of QRadar. You can always check for the following:

  • Strict rules
  • Low speed searches
  • Reports with long execution time

A Complete Assessment of QRadar Solutions

QLean records every change that occurred during the operation of QRadar. Every action that you take will have an effect on its performance and efficiency. With time you will be able to tell what solution was better suited to your system. 

No Licensing Required

Since QLean has a plug and play architecture, it is very easy to download, install, customize and implement. You don’t need any licensing. 

Final Words

To sum up our discussion, if you want to improve the value of your QRadar then Qlean is the most appropriate and modern solution. With it you’ll be able to get the most out of your SIEM solution all the while ensuring SOC automation.