Predicting data analytics is not a nightmare with Saras Analytics

Saras Analytics’ products and services are meant to be simple to sign up for and utilise. Subscriptions and one-time services are offered for their products and services. They also understand that there is no such thing as a universal answer.

  • Boost sales by a tiny percentage.

Increase income by maintaining the same marketing budget.

  • Create a memorable client experience.

Based on data and analysis, create a memorable user experience for your consumers.

  • Customer Drop-Offs are being detained.

Recognize where your website is losing users and take actions to entice them to continue on to the next stage.

  • Test it out before you commit.

Test new features and designs on a small sample of users before rolling them out to the whole user base to reduce the chance of revenue loss.

Experiment Planning

They work directly with your in-house design team or design agency, delivering data on the user journey, user drop-off points, conversion performance, and more. This step ensures that the brand is consistent throughout all aspects of the site. They then conduct their experiments with the help of the team’s new designs.

A/B Testing is a method of comparing two options.

To compare the performance of the newly designed screens to that of the current displays, A/B tests were set up. They test the designs on a small set of users using popular tools like Google Optimize, VWO, and Optimizely before rolling out successful tests to everyone.

The most efficient way for a company to extend its reporting and analytics capabilities is to employ a data warehouse. A well-architected centralised data store, when deployed correctly, may eliminate numerous redundancies and position a company for success. There are many different types of data warehouses and deployment methods available today. They can help you whether you currently have a data warehouse and want to grow it or start one from scratch.

  • Do you have any doubts about which data warehouse is right for you?
  • Are you bewildered by the cost of these data warehouse services?
  • Unsure about the best way to get data into the data warehouse?

QC for dashboards and reporting

  • Do you have data quality concerns in your current reports and dashboards?
  • Are you having trouble figuring out what’s causing your problems?
  • Do you have limited time to fix these problems on your own?
  • Do you have any reservations regarding the correctness of the data pipeline?

If you’d prefer someone else to handle the root cause analysis and solutions while you focus on other important challenges or areas of your business, such as developing insights, please contact us.

Saras has a well trained and experienced staff

A trained staff of data analysts, data scientists, and customer success agents backs up their goods and solutions, and they can be reached at any time. Saras’s objective is to enable small and medium businesses to make data-driven decisions, and every action they take is aimed at offering the highest-quality products and services at the lowest possible prices.

They, true to their name, set lofty objectives for us and work together to achieve them. They work across boundaries and are fluid and adaptive in their pursuit of their core goal, which is to assist their clients in succeeding.

  • Offshore: Experienced resources for a fraction of the cost of in-house staff.
  • On-Site: On-site and same-time-zone resources are available depending on the engagement.
  • Blended: They propose employing blended resources for projects combining many resources for the best outcomes.

Get in touch with the team and say goodbye to all of your data analytics issues. Saras solutions India pvt ltd staffcan assist you with the finest options.

Culture of Experimentation

It is an established fact that when businesses base their product decisions on data and experimentation, they get greater outcomes. Make sure you don’t let yourself down.

Google Analytics is one of the most common tools for capturing user behaviour data on a web application. Unfortunately, it’s startling that 9 out of 10 implementations contain serious flaws for such a widely used product. In a digital organisation, these gaps might indicate that choices are being made based on data that is incomplete, inaccurate, or inconsistent.

After they audit your systems, they fix the data issues, set up the necessary tagging, and ensure that the data quality is accurate before rolling out the changes to your production application.

If you’ve ever doubted the veracity of your GA data, you’re not alone. Contact us today to have your Google Analytics reviewed.

Automated testing and alerts

Any tagging, analysis, data warehousing, or reporting effort that requires data trust will fail. Manual testing, on the other hand, is a time-consuming and labor-intensive technique for developing and sustaining trust.

They use a software engineering approach to testing, using tools and techniques used to assure product quality and applying them to data quality testing after tagging and constructing a data collection for reporting or analysis.

When tests are automated, they run on a schedule that is more consistent than when they are performed manually. The problem is then reported to the appropriate teams as soon as it happens, allowing them to take corrective action before it has a much greater downstream impact.

How often have you observed a significant boost in traffic but only realised it after a few days? How do you maintain track of this behaviour if you’re in control of several sites?

There are options for session recording, heatmaps, and scroll tracking.

They detect drop-off points by analysing user behaviour after a comprehensive evaluation of various user journeys captured through technologies like Hotjar. They do this by relying heavily on video recordings, heatmaps, and user scrolling behaviour. This research will help us figure out what’s causing the drop-offs and how we can enhance the user experience.

Polls of customers

They create and administer surveys to find out why customers pick your products or services. Exit surveys were set up at key drop-off places around the website to figure out why individuals left while ensuring that the user experience was not impacted.


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