Playing Blackjack

Whether you are playing online blackjack for real money, or just trying your luck at a normal casino, blackjack is and will always be one of the more popular casino games for punters. The basic rules are easy enough to get to grips with, and the game carries with it a certain air of sophistication and elegance.

Although online and land-based blackjack differs in some ways, the approach and rules remain the same. Before you spend any money, you must first grasp some concepts that will ensure you go into any blackjack game confidently. Although there can be no assurance of a win, you can still have fun knowing the rules and employing strategies of your choice. This article will discuss some fundamental rules, how to play blackjack and the different terms used. Let’s get started!

Playing Blackjack – The Start

Based on the online casino and what type of game it is, the number of decks utilized during gameplay differs. The value displayed on the cards from 1 to 9 is as it is displayed. The value of an ace is either one or eleven. All face cards have a value of 10. These are Jack, Queen and King.

When it comes to blackjack, there is just one goal to this game: beating the dealer. This is done by getting as close to a total sum of 21 as possible without exceeding it. However, this isn’t enough to win. If a player is to be victorious the dealer must either have a lower total than yours or go over 21- otherwise known as a bust.

The basic elemental principles of blackjack are relatively simple to understand. The cards are automatically shuffled when you play blackjack online, and that happens before you place your bets. If your hand totals more than 21, you’ve gone bust, and the game is ended.

Playing Blackjack – The Rules 

The cards are sorted and the wagers are made at the start of the game. Each player is given a card that is face-up, starting from the left. The first card of the dealer is likewise dealt face up. The players are handed the next card in the same manner so that they can view both their cards and begin the play.

The hold card is the dealer’s second card, which is dealt face down. Only if the first card is a ten or an ace can the dealer look at the hold card. It’s blackjack and the dealer wins if both of the dealer’s cards total 21 at this juncture. The dealer is always the last to play. The dealer pays out any profits and gathers any losing wagers after all hands have been played. A new game can now start.

Playing Blackjack – The Definitions

Stand – this means that both cards you are given, you are choosing to keep.

Double Down – if you choose to get an extra card, you can increase your wager by double.

Hit – this is what you say when you want more cards. This goes on until you choose to stand or you go bust.

Split – You can divide the cards you received and double your wager only if you have two cards worth tens or a pair. You now have two hands to play with.

Playing Blackjack – Some Different Rules to Remember

Before you start playing online, double-check for any variations in blackjack playing regulations. The criteria for casino blackjack differ depending on the game and software developer, but here are a few of the most typical ones:

  • Sometimes after splitting your hand, you might not be allowed to double down.
  • An insurance bet is given as an option if the dealer has an ace in their hand. The odds for this are normally 2:1.
  • This only occurs once the player has been dealt the first two cards. The player loses half of his wager, keeps half, and the game is over.
  • It is not blackjack if a player receives a ten and an ace after splitting. Rather it is regarded as 21.
  • If both the dealer and the player have a total of 21, there is no winner or loser. If there is an Insurance bet in place, however, then they are still reimbursed.

Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to go to any casino, be it online or offline, and have some real fun. Blackjack is a game of strategy and skill, but, like most casino games, if Lady Luck is on your side, who knows what could happen? 

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