E-wallets are considered one of the most convenient payment methods when it comes to playing online casino games in Singapore. Most gamblers who are residing in Singapore will choose a casino game that has quick and safe withdrawal and deposit payment methods.

You may find many reputable online casino Singapore games, but here we are going to talk about the top-most casino game which is Maxim88. Maxim88 is a highly rated online casino in Singapore and it is partnered with leading game providers in the industry.

So, let’s discuss what the other features are offered by Maxim88 other than the e-wallet.

Why Does An Online Casino Require An E-Wallet?

E-wallets in online casino games are getting huge popularity among players as they make the deposit and withdrawal process extremely fast without the need to insert your bank details. If you are using an e-wallet, then all you need to do is simply sign in and confirm the transaction method.

That is why Maxim88 is the most recommendable one and it is licensed and certified by various international gambling associations. In Maxim88, you can enjoy some of the leading slots in the industry and it comes from the best game providers so it includes various themes, graphics, payout, features, and so on.

The e-wallet offered by Maxim88 involves players choosing the best online slot games and playing with any e-wallet they prefer. It will ensure that the players are getting a thrilling gaming experience.

How To Register With Maxim88?

If you want to use an e-wallet in Maxim88 the first step is you need to be a member of Maxim88. For that, you should register yourself in Maxim88, and the process of registration is easy and simple. Here is the process you should follow for the registration;

  1. Log in to the official site of Maxim88
  2. In the upper right corner of the home page, you will find the option “Join Now”
  3. The player needs to fill in their details such as username, password, full name, email address, and contact number. As per the terms and conditions mentioned on the website, you need to give your real information
  4. Once you successfully entered all the details, then your account is ready and you are good to play the game. Now, you can make the payments using the e-wallet of Maxim88

Payment Methods Offered By Maxim88

When it comes to the Maxim88 e-wallet offers several methods of withdrawals and deposits, and below are a few deposit methods;


Here, you will follow the banking process but you will deposit the money using third-party systems.

Bank Transfer

In the bank transfer, you will transfer the money from your bank account to six different bank accounts depending on your choice.


Even cryptocurrency is allowed in Maxim88 as it offers USD or BTC to deposit the fund in your e-wallet.

Using any one of the above paying methods, you can deposit the money into your e-wallet. Or even you can withdraw your funds from Maxim88 into your bank account. Maxim88 is accepting a lot of banks, in case you want to transfer using the bank.

Promotions And Bonuses

Other than e-wallet, Maxim88 offers other kinds of payment options as listed above, and also to attract the players it offers huge promotions and bonuses which are listed below;

Welcome Bonus

Maxim88 offers 150% on every new deposit made by the new users who register with the platform recently. If you are a new player on this platform, then you can claim the welcome bonus by making your first deposit.

Daily Reload

All the players of Maxim88 will get a 30% bonus whenever they reload more credits to play the given name. Depending on the game chosen by the players the bonus may get vary.

Birthday Bonus

Every registered member of this Maxim88 online casino game will get their birthday bonus once every year. The players can claim their birthday bonus on any date of their birthday month. That is why it is recommended to share the right information during the registration process, and then only the players can get the birthday bonus.

Cash Rebate

Maxim88 offers a 1.2% of daily cash rebate bonus and if the players are registered on the platform then you can claim this. Depending on the players investing in the games, the rewards may differ.

Referral Bonus

There will be a referral link, and you can invite your family members or players to this Maxim88 online casino game platform. If they join this platform using your referral link, then you will get a certain amount of bonus. But this referral bonus entirely depends on how many first deposits they make.

VIP Referral Special Reward

The players who are joining the VIP program will get unique rewards and bonuses. In the same way, if they make any referrals, they will get a special VIP referral bonus. This VIP referral bonus can go up to SGD 2,288.

Weekly Rescue Bonus

This is a special kind of bonus which is given to each player where the players can redeem it. This is only for those players who didn’t perform well to redeem their week.

Exclusive Evolution Gaming Bonus

As Evolution became a partner with Maxim88 they are offering certain exciting bonuses and offers to all the registered players of Maxim88.

  • You will get a $90 bonus after making your first deposit and subscribe to play games by evolution gaming
  • Simply play any of the Evolution games and get up to an $88 bonus
  • You can get up to a $100 bonus when you deposit money in the wallet and play the game by evolution gaming

Bottom Line

Maxim88 has been the most successful platform for many online casino players and when it comes to games it offers a variety of game methods such as live sports betting, online poker tournaments, and many more.

To attract even more players, Maxim88 offers e-wallet payment methods to make the deposit and withdrawal methods quick and easy.