Play the games of slotpg website

You can play the different games on the slotpg website and leave a review about them. The developers check the reviews section from time to time. They will have a look at the reviews and if found to be useful, the suggested feature might be included in the next update.

Reviews Section

There is a special reviews section on the slotpg website. Here players can leave a review about any game after playing it. The reviews should be short, relevant, and specific. New players can have a look at the earlier reviews and get an idea of how they should present their reviews.

The reviews section is used mostly by the players where they write about how they felt playing a certain game. The reviews can be positive and negative too. The reviews are taken seriously and worked upon so that the platform can be made user-friendly and the quality of the content delivered can be improvised.

Game Introduction

All the games are given short introductions to it so that slotpg players can get an idea of what they should expect. This short introduction is written so that players even before registering for the game can go through the introduction and get an overview.

This introduction helps players to decide whether they want to play the game or not. This way they do not feel dejected after registering for the game. Also, in a few games, the category of age group to which the game is suitable is mentioned.

You can also check the level of difficulty mentioned in the short introduction. If you are a new player, then you should always select games that are beginner-friendly. These beginner-friendly games won’t have many risks involved in monetary terms. Also, the rules used will be simpler and easier to understand.


If you are good at writing articles, you can contribute to the slotpg website. After you complete an article, you can get in touch with the support team. The support team will review the article and will pay you for it.

Note that there are a few guidelines that you must follow before you start writing an article. The article should not be the one from existing topics and should be written by you, and not by plagiarising it.

These articles are read mostly by the slotpg players who visit the website every day. Some of the most common topics of the articles include secret tips and tricks to win the games which are listed on the website. Another most common topic is how to start playing slot games that are relevant for the new players.

Free Trial

Users, who visit the website and wish to avail the services in the future, can be a part of the trials feature. In this, you can use the feature of the website but in a limited and restricted way. You are not allowed to bet after a certain amount in the trial version.

You will be allowed to play the slot games but again restricted to a few selected games. If you want to play all the games an unlimited number of times, you can change the trial version any time and get upgraded to a regular plan.

In the slotpg regular plan, you will either be charged monthly or annually depending upon your choice. You will be able to pay at your convenience. The bank account shall be linked to the gaming website and the charges will be deducted accordingly.

 Candy games

Candy bonanza is the most popular game in this category. The candy games are popular among players of all categories and age groups. In the game, you have to match the matching color candies so that they burst and space is created for new candies.

Three candies are required to be of the same color so that they can burst. The game becomes tougher as you move up the ladder. You can play the slotpg game an unlimited number of times. There are special gifts for the players as they cross certain levels.

Every day two new levels are added to the game and hence there is no chance of players completing the entire game. If you are one of the top players on the leader board, you will be able to compete for the game in the tournaments.


The gaming tournaments take place once or at most twice a year. Players who are on the leader board of different games can participate in the tournaments. The tournaments hold cash prizes and other big gifts which you too can earn as you practice and become a player among the top ones.

To take part in the tournaments you will have to pay a registration fee. You must also be eligible to take part in the tournaments. Make sure you are through with all the rules and regulations of the tournaments.

The eligibility criteria for each slotpg game are different. Firstly, you must be eligible for the tournament, and for these check the tournament’s guidelines once it is released. All the information will be shared on the website.


Make sure you as a player is registered on the newsletter. Only then players will be able to receive all the latest news and information about the latest happenings. Everything is also shared via the different social media platforms.

You can follow the different social media handles of the websites by visiting the website where the links to all of those are shared. Active users on these platforms are also gifted especially depending upon the contest and the time being active.

The newsletter delivers all the information to the player’s email id. This way a player can always stay updated about the happenings. Players will also be updated about the offers that take place year-round.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about the different types of slotpg games that can be played on the slotpg website. We also have read about the candies game.