Padded Custom Dog Harness available at The Paw Co

Dogs make a perfect pet option when it comes to loyalty and being the man’s best friend. But owning a dog does not mean it is merely for the showcase to your neighborhood, friends, and relatives. You have to take care of their needs from diet to apparel and other accessories. So if you are planning to buy a padded custom dog harness for your furry friend, then better flock on to The Paw Co, a well-known Australian brand. 

This is the best online platform for all dog lovers who love to shop for their cute four-legged furry friends ranging from different products with style and ensuring good quality. If you are a dog owner, then you must be expecting a new upgrade for your dog’s fashion. In that case, you have chosen the right platform to browse for the best clothing and other accessories showcasing high-quality and eye-catching designs.

Apart from just looking for a stylish outlook, you must also be concerned for the comfort of your pet dog. Hence, your expectations will all come true with the Paw Co as it comes with amazing designs for dog clothing and accessories. Their material is made with high quality and with fantastic designs. 

The Paw Co: A brief introduction

The Paw Co ranks among the top online brands in Australia dealing in designer dog clothing and accessories. It excels in listing down captivating designer clothes and other things that are suitable for your dog. The range of items includes raincoats, beds, bowties, bandanas, harnesses that can be reversed, T-shirts (without sleeves), and boots. 

This company comes with an approach to satisfy its customer’s needs in making their four-legged furry friend appear stylish when they take it along for a routine walk around their locality. The Paw Co, a leading Australian brand has reason to pride itself in being the pioneer in making clothing accessories for dogs and giving them a stylish look. Being a dog owner it is essential to have a custom dog harness and a waterproof jacket. 


If you have been searching for a platform to buy a designer dog harness, then you have reached the right spot which is The Paw Co. It is one of the leading brands in Australia, that guarantees its customers quality-based products with fabulous designs and a range of colors. The padded custom dog harness available at the Paw Co will cost you $50. It is acquainted with rich features to make your dog comfortable. It includes polished silver hardware, no choking harness, shiny silver hardware, and straps and buckles to make your dog convenient.

Adding more features it is free shipping from any part of the world, with an inner mesh lining for more comfort. There is a 100% soft Jacquard webbing with the logo of The Paw Co. There is no inclusion of a leash. If you have any complaints regarding a product, then it can be exchanged and returned. The product comes in multiple sizes, small, large, and extra large.