Online Marketing for Small Businesses

Small companies are increasingly turning to online advertising because it is cost-effective and a good way to target marketing ads to a particular audience. Although your website is most likely your best small business marketing tool, other options include search and banner ads, as well as interactive and video ads, which are becoming more popular. Get in touch with Digital Marketing Agency in Abu Dhabi.

Online advertising is a push and Pull platform in the marketing world.

Push marketing:

It entails interrupting customers and prompting them to take the action you’re promoting by pushing messages and products at them. Push marketing is one-way communication: you speak, your customer listens, and, ideally, people act. Push marketing is most commonly done through mass media advertising, direct mail, online banner ads, and cold calls to prospective customers.

Pull marketing:

Pull marketing is engaging in today’s online marketplace; it’s two-way communication that begins with information, commonly referred to as content, that you create and customers discover through search engines, referrals, and social media. Customers then take over by clicking an official link, trying to contact you by phone or in person, and, best of all, spreading your message to others via online or offline sharing.

Banner ads for small business marketing:

Banner ads are small image ads that appear on third-party websites. When viewers click on the banner (referred to as a click-through), they are taken directly to the advertiser’s website.

Consumer resistance to banner ads died down interest in the format until a Google program allowing banner ads on sites that participate in the Google AdSense program re-inspired interest in the format. The following are some of the factors that influence the effectiveness of a banner ad:

Creative design: This contains topics that invite interaction, free offers, and good use of colour schemes.

Place ads on websites that your prospects are likely to visit. Place a number of ads with similar messages on a regular basis. Try them out, then quickly — within a day or two — monitor click-throughs to see what’s working and remove all but the best performers.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads for small business marketing:

When you see a small ad on the edge of a search engine or social media page inviting you to click for more information, the advertiser only pays if you take the bait and click to visit the advertiser’s website. You can even contact advertising companies in UAE to get your job done.

Search ads for startup marketing:

When a search engine returns search results, it also returns a list of all-text ads focusing on the same keywords as those in the search. The leading search ad program providers are Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter (representing Bing and Yahoo!).

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