Mutual Fund Calculator: Find What Fees Will Cost You

Investments in mutual funds are getting common these days because it gives more return than an FD or RD with a bank. Although it involves some market risks people have started investing in it. But before making investments in mutual funds, the investors make use of the Mutual Fund Calculator to calculate their returns. If they are making investments through SIPs then the investment amounts are in thousands only whereas in the case of Lump Sum investment the investment amount goes in lakhs while entering the value in the Mutual Fund Calculator. A common question hits every investor’s mind while using a calculator that is there any fee or charge for using the calculator? Well, the answer is no because you can calculate the return on the mutual fund’s investment free of cost without paying any extra fee. You must explore the benefits of using the mutual fund calculator before you invest a single penny in the funds.

Benefits of Mutual Fund Calculator

You must check out the benefits of the mutual fund EMI calculator and see how it can help you to know the returns after a certain span of time.

Help to Choose Funds

While using the Mutual Fund Calculator, you must compare different mutual funds having different rates of returns. The fund that provides the highest return at maturity would be the best option for you. But you will have to enter the amount of investment you are willing to make, the rate of return you are expecting, and the tenure for which you are making the investment. After entering these values into the calculator, you can find the exact amount of return at maturity.

Easy Accessibility

There is no need to use mathematical formulas for calculating the returns on investment. You will have to enter some basic information about the investment you are willing to make the calculator will calculate your return. You will not have to pay a single penny for using this service from AMC’s websites.

Fast Calculations

If you are calculating Returns on Mutual Funds manually then it will take time. Even small negligence during calculation will give incorrect results. So, you will need the Mutual Fund Calculator for doing fast calculations and getting accurate results. The calculator will do the calculation of returns in seconds and will display the results on the screen.

Speculating Returns

You know the fact the Mutual Fund Calculators help to speculate the returns on investment. So, it will help you to choose the best mutual funds for investment. But before entering the calculation details into the calculator, make sure you should decide the type of investment you are willing to make whether SIP or Lump Sum. 

If you are making investments through SIPs then you will have to define the intervals at which the investment will be made. The frequency for the SIP investment can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly and the minimum amount of investment you can make through SIPs is INR 500.

On the other hand, if you are making the investment in a Lump Sum amount then you will have to choose the tenure and the calculator will calculate the return at maturity. Comparing all the types of returns on different types of investments will help you to Speculate the Returns.


Now you know the fact that making calculations through Mutual Fund Calculators is free of cost and you will not have to pay any extra fee to use this service. You can even download the Mutual Fund Calculator Apps to calculate the return on SIP investments and Lump Sum investments and see the best results of different returns on different mutual funds.