Most Unusual Birthday Gifts For Cannabis Lovers 

Getting a birthday present for anyone is hard, especially since you have to make it both meaningful and easy on your pocket. The only way to successfully do this is by getting them presents that are related to things they already love and their various hobbies. 

If you’re buying something for a friend who loves to smoke it up once in a while, you have your answer right there. Keep reading to find out about some awesome birthday gifts for cannabis lovers. 

Subscription Box 

If you feel like getting your friend a gift that just keeps giving, a CBD subscription box is the way to go. A smoking subscription box usually contains all the essentials anyone needs to not only smoke worry-free, but also to try out new things. 

Most subscription boxes contain little gadgets and smoking products, as well as CBD products like gummies that are just as fun as smoking up a joint.

CBD Products 

CBD is about more than just smoking up and getting high – it has countless benefits, which is why it’s used frequently in products that are meant to improve the quality of your life. If you’re looking for something unusual, give your loved one some incredible CBD products. 


THC drenched chocolate and Golden Goat other candy with a delicious twist is really something they’ll remember. For most people, it combines two of their favorite things – getting high and eating some delicious chocolate. 

You can have more control over how high you want to get, and still get some delicious sweetness in you. 

Bath Bombs 

These won’t get your friend high, but they definitely offer a higher level of relaxation than other bath bombs on the market. 

Soaking in some of that CBD goodness will lead to you getting one of the best baths ever, which is why you’d better get some for yourself too when you buy them – or you might just be tempted to keep your friend’s birthday present! 

CBD Candles 

These can give you just the right atmosphere to kick back and relax at home, which makes them the perfect present for anyone who loves to smoke it up. You can choose a scented variety that offers more than just the high that comes to mind when talking about Cannabis. 

You can choose from a variety of scents like vanilla and citrus too if you choose a good shop. 

Joint Roller 

Not everyone is an expert at rolling a joint, but the new grinders and rollers on the market make it incredibly easy for you to smoke it up without anyone’s help. Countless online and off-line Cannabis businesses offer great gadgets that are either useful or cool or both. Sometimes, you can even get a bundle with gadgets that do more than one thing at a time, like the same thing helping you both grind and roll your weed.