Maximize your chiropractic practice efficiency with ChiroTouch Software

More than ever, chiropractic practices need an electronic medical records (EMR) software that offers the right tools to elevate practice efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and improve patient care. Practicing chiropractors have to stay on top of patient needs. They have surgeries to schedule, patient cases to monitor, prescription slips to fill out, and many other administrative and clinical tasks. Therefore, it is vital for them to have a relevant EMR product, such as ChiroTouch software, to reduce challenges and improve efficiencies. This medical software solution is designed specifically to improve the workflow efficiency of chiropractic facilities. In this piece, we will go about the top benefits and features that make this software one of the best in its industry. Keep reading to learn more!

ChiroTouch software – an overview

ChiroTouch EMR software provides a comprehensive range of specialty-specific solutions that are targeted towards improving patient care and automating processes. The software is flexible enough to manage the entire workflow, from patient scheduling to recording and managing a patient’s recovery process. It comes with a variety of purpose-built features that help users in managing patient visits, outcome assessments, billing, and treatment integration with Medicare insurance.

Chiropractors can easily capture assessment data on a tablet, mobile device, or desktop computer. In addition to this, the platform allows practitioners to build narratives of a patient’s condition, recommend treatment, and generate detailed reports. They can also complete the patient registration and assessment forms quickly in the waiting room before beginning with the treatment.

ChiroTouch software reviews suggest that the software enables providers to digitally manage patient records and communication while having a complete knowledge of the latest compliance regulations. Its patient portal feature is highly praised by users for allowing patients to complete the necessary forms from home, which simplifies the check-in process.

ChiroTouch software price & demo

This software solution offers a variety of features for chiropractors, making their medical software investment worthwhile. ChiroTouch software price starts at $259 per month, per user. The EMR solution, however, does not offer a free trial. You can request the vendor to book a ChiroTouch software demo.

ChiroTouch software reviews

With an average user rating of 4/5, ChiroTouch medical software users are likely to recommend this specialty-specific product. Here we compiled a comprehensive summary of ChiroTouch software reviews to give you a clearer picture of what it’s like to implement this system.

  • Strengths

This cloud-based solution is hosted on remote servers, meaning you can easily access it via the internet. It benefits its users by capturing the right information at the right time. Chiropractors can properly organize patient healthcare information within their workflows to provide the best patient care possible. Users also find it to be highly adaptable and efficient. The outstanding customer service is another highly appreciated aspect of the platform.

  • Weaknesses

ChiroTouch software reviews suggest that it is a bit overwhelming for new users as it includes too many features. But you can always take a few training calls to get familiar with the functions of the system. Moreover, Microsoft Windows upgrades are also likely to corrupt the reminders and cause them to stop functioning properly.

Overview of benefits

1. Streamlines documentation process

The EMR software offers a robust patient portal that you should check out during your ChiroTouch software demo. This feature includes electronic forms to help users streamline the data entry process. Patients can use an iPad or a desktop computer to e-sign or fill out their documents, while chiropractors can customize online forms to suit their unique documentation requirements. Overall, it helps clinicians reduce the administrative burden to promote a focus on patient-centric care.

2. Secure electronic prescribing

The e-prescription feature of this medical software helps practitioners save a lot of time and money. You can use this service to make sure that patients get their medications in an error-free and timely manner. It allows providers to send prescriptions to their patients’ preferred pharmacies. Patients can also save time because they don’t have to visit your office just to get a prescription.

3. Comprehensive appointment scheduling

ChiroTouch EHR integrates seamlessly with a practice management system to make patient scheduling a breeze. It sends out automated appointment reminders and notifications before each visit to help reduce no-shows. Alongside this, the powerful appointment scheduling tool enables you to schedule maximum patient visits in a single day.

4. Robust patient portal

When integrated with a practice management system, ChiroTouch software offers a patient portal that securely connects patients with their healthcare providers. Patients can request prescription refills, access lab results, view medication information, and more using mobile devices. It enables them to participate more actively throughout their care process. They can even schedule appointments, review treatment plans, medical diagnosis, and do much more from the comfort of their homes. You can also request a ChiroTouch software demo to evaluate the patient portal feature in real-time.

5. Financial management

This medical software solution offers a number of benefits for the business side of a chiropractic practice. It is neck-to-neck with powerful billing tools that help chiropractors increase profits and minimize challenges. It eliminates the need for manual billing to ensure greater efficiencies and cost savings. You can efficiently reduce claim denials to get a more stable bottom line. According to user reviews, this feature is worth the ChiroTouch software cost.

Wrapping up

ChiroTouch software offers a flexible electronic health recording solution for chiropractic practices of various sizes. It is an ideal option for cost-conscious practices as the vendor offers all of its features at a minimal cost. The software has received perfect-starred reviews from chiropractors for its comprehensive features that help them in delivering the best patient care possible. We recommend scheduling a ChiroTouch software demo to see the product in action before actually implementing it. You should also do the necessary leg-work by exploring its user reviews on various online platforms.

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