Live Auction Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Event

A live auction is a great way to turn your annual gala into something truly exciting. Your most loyal supporters deserve the best, right? After all, it is their nonprofit event of the season. And they work hard year after year so that you can enjoy this time together with them in support of important causes.

But how can you make your next live auction event thrilling?

Think outside the box when planning your next event. There are many ways to go about it, and every organisation has their own unique needs. From auction items, prizes or promotions – you will find something that is just right for whatever type of charity fundraising effort you are planning.

To help you out, here are some tried-and-true ideas that you can use at your next fundraising event. These live auction ideas will add to your organisation’s financial support while letting you host an unforgettable night that will keep donors engaged. Read on.

Top Live Auction Ideas for Your next Event

When thinking about the items and ideas that will perform best at an auction, here are a few things to remember:

  • You can be sure that your guests will want an item if it is something they already like. People are more likely to bid on items that match their interests.
  • It is important to note that your attendees must be able to afford the items you are featuring in order for  fundraising ideas australia success. The cost of an item should not exceed what someone would normally pay; otherwise, they won’t bid on it.
  • Guests are always in search of something new and exciting. They won’t be able to resist the allure if you offer them an exclusive experience or item that cannot be found anywhere else.

Are you ready to know these items that work well in live auctions? Below are some of them.

Travel Packages

Auctioning off travel packages is an innovative idea that your supporters will be eager to win. These can include hotel stays and airline tickets, plus guidebooks or certificates for local activities.

Signed Memorabilia

These items are usually autographed by well-known public figures that have some sort of connection to them. This could be because they were involved in an event, played for their team or gained popularity through acting roles where you’d remember seeing him on TV back when it was still called ‘TV’.

If you can find it, signed memorabilia is one of those that could potentially spark a bidding war. These items are rare and/or unique, which means they’ll be in high demand.

City Bar Crawl

City bar crawls are perfect for supporters who want to get out and explore their city after hours. They can enjoy tasty food, drinks (including free ones!) and transportation provided by the tour guide in an intimate setting with their closest friends.

To make your next bidding event a resounding success, consider hosting an auction in which the winning bidder gets to choose one night of their choice at any bar or club near them.

Dining Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, many people are looking for an enjoyable dining experience. With the diverse restaurants cropping, you can offer your supporters a memorable VIP dining experience in one of them. Great tasting food is hard to refuse.

Wine Tasting

There are many different ways to explore the world of fine wines. One way is by doing a wine tasting. This will be an experience many of your supporters will not want to miss out on.

Gift Baskets

These days, many people enjoy the thrill of bidding on an item that is not just unique but also rare. That is why gift baskets are so popular, as they allow donors to get all sorts of items in one go.

The feeling of opening a basket to find all the little trinkets inside is truly special. Gift baskets are perfect for any supporter who wants an assortment of goodies, and they’ll love looking through their newfound treasures.

For example, you can create a spa day gift basket that includes aromatherapy, mud masks and other relaxing goodies. You could also compile one featuring coffee beans to get your recipient in the mood for their morning cup of Joe.

You can really choose whatever you want on this one. Research what your supporters would like and get creative with it.

Custom Artwork

The rarest of items are those that cannot be found anywhere else. These pieces have been handcrafted and created with unique artwork, so they are going to fetch top dollar at an auction. Custom artwork is also a perfect way to add that personal touch and commemorate your memories. Artworks can range from paintings and sculptures to glasswork.

Artworks are also a very popular item that often leads to bidding wars. Hence, consider procuring some one-of-a-kind pieces. With bidding wars often happening over these items and people being so emotional about their purchases, it’s hard for them not to buy, especially if they find something that speaks right back.

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Whether meeting their favourite actor on the set of a movie or following a professional baseball team around for one day, tours can give people unique experiences. You cannot underestimate the power of these experiences. Many donors would rather spend their money on making memories than they would on buying a product, so you should find out what’s most appealing to them and use it in your auction.

Live Auction Tips

To further ensure your success, here are some tips to make sure that your auction items will appeal to sponsors:

  • If you are planning to host an auction, it is important that the items are presented well. You should have proper lighting available and your item in very good condition for people bidding on them.
  • With a professional auctioneer at the helm, you can ensure that your sale goes off without any hiccups. They know how to excite the crowd, so they don’t get bored.
  • Be prepared for anything by planning in advance. This will allow you to make any changes without ruining the whole event.
  • Having an easy-to-follow flow is important for both the auctioneer and guests. The more smoothly things go, the less chance there will be of any confusion.


Live auctions are a great way to generate the funds you need for your organisation. The right items can make all the difference in whether or not an event is successful. With these proven auction ideas, there is no need for trial and error. You can focus solely on what will make an impact in your fundraising event.