List of 10 Self-Care Tips for the Lead Up to Your Wedding Day

You’re so ready to be Mr. & Mrs. That gown that you love, the decorations, the food, the music, everything. The perfect setting, of course, and the most beautiful, loving, and devoted bride and groom. You have done the shopping for the wedding and engagement rings. Is there any way to make the wedding day better? Of course not.

But what if there was something you could do to improve your wedding day experience and make it even more special on the actual wedding day? What if there was something you could do to make you feel like a million bucks? It’s time to start focusing on yourself a little more – because as the wedding day draws closer, the hectic wedding planning process can make you feel like your head is spinning. And it’s easy to let yourself get bogged down by all the details and all

the pressure.

So, for your wedding day self-care, here are 10 tips to help you become your most delicious, happy, blissful, and jubilant self.

1. Start the day off with a clean slate.

Waking up and thinking about all the things that are going wrong, like, “Should I wear a suit?” or “Is my makeup going to be good?” is a sure-fire way to send your day into a downward spiral. We don’t care how stoked you are to get married or how much effort you’re putting into the

whole thing.

If all you’re thinking about is what the day might hold and how worried you are about the small stuff, that’s your best bet for having a stressful day. By the time the wedding is done, you’ll be the guy who went through every emotion possible in a matter of minutes. Try to set the expectation that you’re going to have a great wedding day so that the nerves won’t set in immediately.

2. Find your happy place.

On your wedding day, it’s important to find a happy place – a safe place to go to when everything else feels off. This place should be your sanctuary from all the craziness. Do whatever it takes to create that sanctuary during the chaos so that you have an escape route when you need it.

It could be playing with the kids, doing a photo booth for sale, hanging out with your closest friends and family, or just relaxing. You just need to create a space for you to be happy so that you’re prepared to start your day out in a positive way.

3. Eat your breakfast.

Try to eat a little something to make sure you stay energized so that you can see things through to the end. If you’re not eating breakfast, we don’t think you should go anywhere near your wedding day. Engagement rings on and glittery lip gloss everywhere – they’re all part of the package, right?

4. Decide what needs to get done and stick to it.

You’ve got a million people depending on you, and you need to be the best version of yourself to accomplish everything. However, if you don’t let everything go, you’re going to have a complete melt-down by the end of the day.

It’s not the end of the world to have to leave a few things for the last minute, but you have to make a commitment that you’re going to do it, and you’re going to stick to it. If you can’t commit to that, it will never get done.

5. Know that you have the power to overcome any obstacle.

You’re going to have days when you just want to call it quits on the whole wedding thing. We’re sure you’re already having days like that – and you’ve been having days like that for weeks. You’ve got a million things to get done, but nothing seems to be getting done. Everything is a huge obstacle. Don’t let that stop you. Instead, remember that you can overcome anything that comes your way. I’m not saying it will be easy, but you’re a fighter – and that’s one thing you’re always going to be good at. Please go into the day knowing that you’re going to get through it. There will be ups and downs, but you’ll get through it. It’s going to be a rough ride, but you can make it through.

6. Be honest with yourself.

As human beings, we tend to put on a smile and act like we’re having the time of our lives – but that’s not always the case. There will be some days when it’s just not possible to feel a smile on your face.

During these days, it’s important to be honest with yourself. Are you doing everything you can? If the answer is no, do something about it. You have to be honest with yourself and know what you’re doing, so you can look back and have a sense of accomplishment.

7. Have fun!

Your wedding day is all about you and your spouse. It’s not about everyone else in the room. You’re doing this to bring your best self to the best day of your life – and you have to be the best version of yourself for your husband and your friends and family. So, go all out. Have fun. Have as much fun as you can.

8. Live in the moment.

You’ve got one shot at this. The day after your wedding, people will be asking you what your wedding day was like. It’s going to be your job to describe it as best you can because once they leave your wedding, they’re not going to ask you about it anymore. Make the most of this one day, because it’s going to be the best of your life.

Go through all the emotions that you feel during the day. If you don’t feel any of those emotions during your wedding day, you’re not living in the moment.

9. Set the right expectations.

Some days you’re going to wake up and feel so excited about your wedding. Other days, you’re not going to feel much of anything at all.

You’re going to go through the stages of grief and mourning because it will be your day. There will be ups and downs throughout the day, but ultimately, you’re going to wake up feeling more confident in your decision.

10. Honor your marriage.

When you’re in the middle of your wedding day, you’re going to have to fight to be happy. You’re going to be thinking about your future, thinking about your life, and thinking about the decisions you’ve made to get you here. You’re going to want to let the anxiety get the best of you and make you want to run back home. But, remember why you’re there – and honor that.

This is your day. You’re getting married. You’re committed to the person you love. You’re committed to get married to the person you love. Live in that commitment, and honor that.