Learn Rummy Rules & Instructions to follow in rummy game

California rummy is one of the most popular gin rummy played online. In this game, 11 cards are dealt with by each player. GetMega is the application used by most gamers playing California rummy online. This platform has a smooth interface to play the game effortlessly by following rummy rules. To elevate your excitement you also get the opportunity to earn money on winning each game. The platform can be used on both PC and mobile. Besides, rummy you also can play games like poker, carrom and 123 in this application. The article will emphasise the rules you should follow to play rummy on online portals.

What is 11 card rummy?

  • The 11 card rummy is played with a deck of 54 cards, unlike the other rummy games. You can play the game with 2 to 8 people at once.
  • When there are 2 to4 plates two decks of cards are required. On the other hand, when 5 to 6 people play the game 3 decks are necessary.
  • In this game, the ace card serves you with both high and low points depending on the meld of the player.
  • There are 10 rounds which are known as hands. Every hand has different rules applicable to them.
  • The presence of 4 jokers in California rummy makes it unique. It has 2 jokers printed and 2 are present in the black suits.
  • However, the jokers can only be used in 3 to 4 card sets. It cannot be used in larger combinations of cards.
  • Besides, the joker cards cannot exceed the face cards in number. For an instance, 7 ♣ 7 ♠ and a joker and 7 ♣ 7 ♠ and 2 jokers can be called a set. On contrary, 7 ♠ 3 jokers cannot form a set.

Rules of California rummy of 11 cards

California rummy has a few differences from the regular gin rummy rule. Below the rules are elaborated:

  • In this type of rummy, the dealer changes with the completion of each hand. The dealer distributes 11 cards to each player with every succeeding round or hand.
  • The remaining cards of the decks are placed on the virtual table facing down. Besides, the top card is kept adjacent to the deck facing up. The top card becomes the first card of the discard pile also called the upcard.
  • When the game is initiated all the players can take a new card from the discard pile. You can also choose to take the upcard.
  • Before picking one card from the pile of discards you need to discard one of your cards. The card discarded by you now becomes the upcard.
  • The next opponent can either take it or some other opponent can also buy it. If you want to take a card when it is not your turn then you need to say “BUY” before the next opponent picks it up.
  • If no one takes the card it is declared to be a dead card. Every time a player discards one of his cards the card below becomes a dead card. These cards cannot be taken by any player.
  • You need to properly meld your cards for laying them down. It should be done by placing properly melded cards on the virtual table facing up.

Scores of 11 card California rummy

Every card has an individual point associated with it. The following are the point dedicated to the different cards belonging to the 4 suits.

  • The numbers 3 to 9 have 5 points for each card irrespective of their suits.
  • On the other hand, the card with the numbers 10, king, queen and jack have 10 points each.
  • The ace cards of all the suits have 15 points each.
  • Besides, the cards having a face value of 2 have 25 points dedicated to them.
  • A joker card gets 50 points each.
  • The player who goes out first without any card remaining wins the hand. For winning one must draw a card and leave when they have no discards.
  • If you get zero points first then you are declared the winner. On the other hand, if no one scores zero at the end of the 10th round then the person who has the lowest score gets to be the winner.
  • The other players get points that sum up the values of cards present with them.

Melds and hands of 11 card rummy

At the beginning of every round of the game, you need to correctly meld your card and then ‘lay out’ in front of the opponents. Every set is different and the intricacy increases with each round. The card combinations are either sets or runs. Sets are cards having the same rank but belonging to different suits. On the other hand runs are cards having consecutive denominations but from different suits.

Below are the rummy hands of each round:

  • In round 1 you need to make two sets of three cards.
  • Round 2 requires you to make one 3 card set and one 4 card run.
  • In round 3, you need two runs comprising 4 cards each.
  • In round 4 you have to make three sets of 3 cards.
  • Round 5 demands 4 cards making 1 run and 2 sets of 3 cards each.
  • In round 6 you need to make 2 runs having 4 cards each and a set of 3 cards.
  • Three runs having 4 cards each have to be made in round 7.
  • Round 8 demands a run of 10 cards and a set of 3 cards.
  • In round 9 you need to make 1 run with 5cards and 3 sets having 3 cards each.
  • In the 10th and final round, you need to make 3 runs of 5 cards each.


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