Learn About the Curriculum of the ICP-ACC Course

The ICP-ACC course or the IC Agile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching helps hone one’s skills through an interactive training program associated with real-world simulations in Agile mentoring. The ICP-ACC course of certification helps in the advancement beyond the facilitation of a team to coaching a team on the track of Agile coaching. You can effectively impact the program agility, project and the department by gaining the skills. You can direct your teams to navigate conflict and change towards bright high performance. 

What will you learn in the certification course of ICP-ACC?

  1. Coaching Formats – You will be taught the multiple practices and formats of identifying the most suitable one for the moment.read more : topwebs
  2. The Change Cycle – You will learn the applications of the Kotter Change Cycle Model and the Kubler-Ross in order to help leaders, managers and teams. 
  3. Tuckman Model of Team Development – You will be able to enable teams, leaders and managers and acknowledge and process inevitable changes and conflicts during the group.
  4. Organizational Barriers – You will be taught about the multiple barriers of an organisation to adopting Agile in your company.
  5. Conflict and Resolution – You can help learners acknowledge the characteristics of a team that performs highly and assist them in resolving conflicts. 
  6. Internal vs External coaches – You will better understand the roles of external and internal coaches and create the ability to coach at the moment.visit here to know more information :  ynewsworld36
  7. The Coaching Alliance and Contract – You will learn the utility of professional tools for coaching, for instance, creating coaching alliances, active listening, and powerful questions. 
  8. The Social Domains of Humans – Focussing on organisations and teams as human systems – interpersonal, shared experiences, and relationships. 
  9. The Coaching Arc – Designing the flow of the meeting with the help of a series of projects in order to help the group accomplish the outcomes they desire. 
  10. Coach as Facilitator – You will learn the principles of enthusiasm, openness, group awareness, neutrality, self-management and self-awareness. 
  11. Coach as Mentor – Developing the skills you will need to provide advice and feedback properly. 
  12. Coach as Teacher – You will be taught to use suitable techniques to design the experience of learning based on learner preferences. 
  13. Agile Mindset – You will be taught how to learn to nurture a mindset of Agile with the intention to be agile as a base for success in doing agile. 
  14. Desired Traits – Take a deep dive into the traits you desire as an Agile coach in order to facilitate, mentor, teach, coach, guide and support. 
  15. Agile Manifesto – You will get a refresher on the manifesto of agile and find out ways to get the best outcomes at program levels, project and team. 

The IC Agile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching – ICP-ACC course of certification aids the candidates to gain a lot of relevant skill-sets including performance tracking, change management, leading change, problem-solving, risk management, agility, negotiation, motivation, team building, mentorship, time management, leadership, large group facilitation, conflict resolution, creating a collaborative environment, teaching, mentoring, and so on.

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