Know Which Double-Glazing Widow Is the Best Type

It might be difficult to decide between the various types of windows, as well as the various materials and treatments available. There are various types of windows on the market, ranging from sash to bay windows, sliding to French windows.

British Bi-folding Door Factory is one of the fabricators of such double glazing doors and windows. This company also manufactures many different types of glazed windows that you can find in their catalogue.

Let us discuss in this article a few different types of double-glazing windows that are available and you can select your windows by knowing a few basic information about them.

1. Double glazed windowpane windows

Windowpane or casement windows have one or more hinges attached to the frame, permitting them to open to the side. They can also be hinged at the top or bottom, resulting in ’tilt and turn’ windows.

  • They normally open inwards, which makes cleaning them a lot easier
  • Casement stays – little metal bars that open and close in a scissor action will keep them open.

Casement windows are commonly made of uPVC, but they can also be built of wood or aluminium. Many businesses also provide various colour selections.

2. Double glazed sash windows

Sash windows are normally opened by raising or lowering a pane and its frame. Single-hung windows – when only one pane moves, often the bottom, while the others are double-hung windows – where both panes can move, one up and one down Tilt-and-turn versions are also available.

They are available in a variety of materials and finishes, just like casement windows. They are a terrific method to give a period home a more conventional or authentic vibe.

Sash windows are notorious for being inefficient in terms of energy efficiency. Double glazing Bristol sash windows are notorious for being inefficient in terms of energy efficiency. Modern designs, on the other hand, use the same double-glazing technology as conventional windows.

3. UPVC double glazed windows

UPVC is the most prevalent window frame material for double-glazed windows (un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, to give it its full name). It is not just up to three times less expensive than traditional hardwood frames, but it is also recyclable, long-lasting, and the most energy-efficient.

UPVC window and door frames come in a range of colours and finishes, including wood, though white is the most popular. UPVC is very simple to maintain, requiring only a wipe down with a soft cloth and a dab of dishwashing detergent every now and then.

4. Aluminium double-glazed windows

Because aluminium is a robust material, its windows are long-lasting and low-maintenance. It is also smaller and lighter than other materials, giving it a clean, contemporary appearance.

Although you would think of aluminium windows as being grey or metal in colour, several manufacturers provide a wide range of choices.

5. Wooden/timber windows

Because it is inherently renewable, timber is a greener material than uPVC. Many people believe that wooden windows, especially in classic or period-style homes, appear prettier and more subtle than uPVC windows.

While timber windows are more expensive and require upkeep, if properly cared for, they may last a very long time.