Keep Bacteria And Viruses Away From The Textile Products Using Aatcc 100 Test

The use of textiles and other porous materials is common among people. But these kinds of materials should not cause any skin irritation and other problems when normal people are using them. This is the reason that the industries should have to make their textile products, paper filter media, and tissues undergo the testing process called aatcc 100. This testing process is the quantitative method that will determine the antibacterial nature of the textile, fabric, or other porous materials. This will be the useful one for the textile industries to get a good certification and continue manufacturing and selling the textile fabrics. We have done the testing of the textile products within a few days and so it is completely safe for the textile materials and also for the customers.

What is aatcc 100?

The testing of the antimicrobial activities is the main thing of this American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. This will help to check whether the textile or the fabrics is containing this antimicrobial nature in the fabric. This nature is a useful one for the fabrics as this will reduce the odor in the cloth and also it will kill all other bacteria and the viruses present in the garment, printed colors, or on the surface. So people can be able to use the garments in hospitals, commercial purposes, and others are fully in need of this kind of antimicrobial feature.  The aatcc 100 testing is the most standard one for the textile and fabric industries which will be accepted by the US government.

What is the process of the test?

It is always important for the textile industries to prove their textile product materials quality and so this testing method will be the useful one. The fabric that is containing antimicrobial quality will test it and we will determine the growth or reductions of the bacteria or the viruses. The experts will simply test the antibacterial nature with the cloth that is containing and also the cloth without the antibacterial activity. This will help them to determine how many of the viruses and bacteria the product will kill in a single day.  We did the test before washing the cloth and also after washing the cloth. Another main thing is that they will check the activities of the antimicrobial particles during the zero hours and also after one hour. The fabrics that are going to be tested should not be hydrophobic.

The experts will be using the incubation for making the contact of the fabric with the bacteria at the particular temperature. We took the bacteria out using the neutralizing solution and it will be measured. This will give a clear reduction of the bacteria and other microbial organisms in the textiles. This aatcc 100 is the globally recognized test that will be useful for the textile industries to get the certification for manufacturing skin-friendly fabric and textile products. Even for porous material production like the tissue and other paper filter media this test will be the useful one. In general, this method has undergone the six stages like the collection of samples, sterilization, inoculation, incubation, shaking out, and counting. The testing method requires a minimum of two days to a maximum of five days.

How durable are the products?

The durability of the clothes is the most important one for any of the industries as they can survive in the market. So the textile industrial clients should have to hire this kind of testing process for checking their products in order to save from skin irritation, UV exposure, durability, and others. We have to test the textile products like socks, underwear, towels, and other apparel needed. We test these things by using the famous aatcc 100 methods which will be helpful for the industries to produce unique and safe and eco-friendly products. We did the test called aatcc 100 many times, that is until the garment was washed twenty-fifth times. This method is providing the quantitative analysis which will be able to provide the two functions one is determining the bacteriostatic activity in the garment and the other one is bactericidal activity.  In the USA this aatcc 100 is the best standard for the textile industries.  We will test the plastic durability, filter media, tissue paper, and many others too have durability using this technique. The method is the cost-effective one and protects the environment from bacterial danger.

Specialty of aatcc 100 test

Since this is the quantitative method it will help to find the marketability and the usage of the textiles.  Both the properties like the bacteriostatic and bactericidal are tested using this test. It is always the best one for the textile industries to hire one of the famous companies that are good at providing this kind of testing process. The experts in the company will be ready to provide high quality service for any of the textile or porous material industries. This will be the good one for them to keep this as their standard of product. We did the accurate test which will be the useful one for getting the good certification for your industries.

Even in order to test many of the tougher microorganisms this company is the best one for it. This test will be the useful one for quality control and so in case of any negative microbial organisms present then it will be removed. These kinds of services are cost-effective for the textile clients and also they will find it more comfortable to hire this agency. This agency is ready to provide high-quality service for the clients and so it has become the top position in the testing process. The agency is also good at providing this aatcc 100 test in India which is the only test you can get from it. Thus this agency is remaining as the background for the improvement of the various industries with the proper and accurate testing of their products.

What kinds of products are tested?

We have to test the fabric materials without any finishing products using this aatcc 100 test method.  Also, we have done the tests of the final products of the textiles such as the bedding material, gloves, jackets, bags, threads, caps, facemask, and the others using this standard method. The testing will give the complete evaluation of the antibacterial and the antiviral quality and so this will indicate the effectiveness of the textile products. This kind of testing is not only for the fabric or textiles even for the products like paints, plastics, coatings, surface disinfectant, door handle, etc. There are many products that are suitable for undergoing this test and so if your industrial product is having improper antimicrobial properties or does have the chance to affect the skin of the people then it is necessary to hire this company to disinfect.  The products listed above, we will test it and so many of the industries who want to launch their product to the world have to first undergo this test. This is the essential one for the industries in the USA to undergo and get the certification as the standard company. This will give complete hope, promise, and safety to the customers of your industry.
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