Is Rejuran Healer Permanent?

Rejuran healer is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment with roots in South Korea. It has received Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA) stamp and is also Korean-FDA approved.

Rejuran Healer has powerful anti-aging properties that can help you repair your skin and, most importantly, take off a few years of your aging looks. Unlike conventional antiaging and cosmetic treatments that are based solely on treating skin problems on the outside, Rejuran healer works by repairing your skin cells from deep inside.

It achieves this by stimulating collagen production in your skin to trigger your skin’s natural healing process. This would then help heal your skin’s damaged cells and improve its elasticity.

It also protects the skin and, most importantly, corrects the aging signs. Rejuran healer also differs from the conventional aesthetic treatment options in that; it isn’t formulated with hyaluronic acid, which is common with most anti-aging treatments. Instead, it is formulated with Polynucleotides (PN).

The polynucleotide used here is a biological molecule derived from salmon DNA. It has high compatibility with the human skin and doesn’t trigger any immune response.

Here’s a twist: You may not be a good candidate for Rejuran healer treatments if you’re allergic to fish. This is because the PN used here is a derivative of salmon DNA. Therefore, if you have a medical history of allergic reactions, your plastic surgeon may order allergy tests. This will help the cosmetic doctor know for sure if you’re a good candidate for Rejuran Healer.

Clinical studies hint that Rejuran healer could also be worth considering if you struggle with melasma and pigmentation. It can help you manage melasma defects and reduce pigmentation by reducing pigment production in your skin.

A good number of beauty enthusiasts also turn to Rejuran healer to enhance their skins’ overall tone and brightness. It can also help lighten the dark eye circles and improve the skin texture.

How long does Rejuran Healer Last?

First, to get good results from Rejuran healer treatment, it is recommended that you do three treatments, separated thirty days apart. You should be able to notice Rejuran effects within four weeks following your initial treatment.

The results from Rejuran healer treatments can last approximately six months. Therefore, after the initial three treatments, it is recommended that you get repeat treatments after every six months. This would primarily be of importance if you liked the results of the Rejuran Healer.

The repeat treatments will be critical in helping you maintain the results. The condition of your skin will keep getting better as you get more treatments.

Does it Hurt Getting Rejuran Treatment?

Rejuran healer treatment is administered in the form of several micro-injections made on your skin. These injections would only be made in strategic locations on the areas you wish to treat.

If you’re getting the treatment on the face, for example, you can expect your plastic surgeon to administer approximately 100 injections. The number of injections you will need maybe more or less, depending on your treatment needs.

The high number of micro injections needed here may be sound extreme. However, it isn’t really an excruciating experience if you’re working with a board-certified skilled plastic surgeon.

Ideally, most patients do not feel any pain since the cosmetic doctor will only use very tiny needles. Besides, these are only superficial intradermal injections, implying that they’d be made near your skin’s outer layer.

The level of discomfort you’d practically experience will depend on your pain threshold. To minimize discomfort, your aesthetic doctor will apply a numbing cream on your skin and let it rest for around 30 minutes.

Other than the numbing cream, you can also benefit from OTC painkillers like paracetamol. You will need to use the painkillers for around one hour to the procedure. Cool air may also be blown on your face during the treatment to minimize discomfort and risks of swelling further.

Do note that not all doctors manually do the injections. Some rely on machines, so you may need to confirm this with the doctor before consenting to the procedure.

Does Rejuran Treatment have any Downtime?

Rejuran healer doesn’t really have any downtime. Perhaps the most common effects you may want to know about are the bumps, temporary redness and needle marks that may appear on your face.

Now, immediately after your treatment, you may notice small but several raised bumps spread across your face on the injection points. These bumps look like several mosquito bites.

You may need to be patient for around 12 to 24 hours for these effects to subside. If you feel uncomfortable with these tiny, little bumps, you may use large sunglasses or a surgical mask to cover them up.

Do not apply makeup on your face immediately after Rejuran treatment. This would only increase your risks of complications and possibly interfere with your treatment results.

You can always combine the Rejuran healer with other approved cosmetic treatments to enhance your appearance or skin quality. However your downtime after Rejuran healer treatment may not be the same if you combine it with other treatments.

Some of the common treatments that may work best for you with Rejuran healer are chemical peels and laser treatments. When used together correctly, they cannot only improve your skin’s elasticity but also improve pigmentation, glow and texture.

How much does Rejuran Cost?

To begin with, do note that Rejuran healer is a cosmetic enhancement treatment. Therefore, it won’t be covered by insurance since it isn’t medically necessary. Perhaps, you may only need to get an insurance plan that would take care of complications that may result from the treatment.

There are factors that may influence how much you’ll need to pay for your Rejuran healer treatment. Of note among these factors include your provider’s skills and where you’re getting the treatment.

If you are contemplating Rejuran in Singapore, you can expect the treatment cost to average between $600 and $1400 for each session. To validate these costs, you may need to look into your provider’s qualifications.

Ensure that the plastic surgeon is board-certified. It may also help if you request and check before and after images for treatments they’ve done in the past.

In Closing

Rejuran healer is not permanent but it provides results that last long. Ideally, you will only need a maintenance treatment after about 6 months. Book your appointment with us now to learn more about Rejuran healer and schedule your treatments if you fancy this non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Read more on the cost and side effects of Rejuran Healer by one of Singapore Top Medical review site here.

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