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There is a new round of funding being led by K1 Investment Management and JVP. These funds will be used to invest in ControlUp, a digital employee experience management platform, as well as expand their enterprise accounts.

About ControlUp

ControlUp is an Israeli tech company with a strong R&D presence in Silicon Valley. It has been on a steady growth trajectory. Since 2012, the company has raised more than $140 million in funding. The last round was $27 million in November of 2020.

As far as what it does, the company’s flagship product is a troubleshooting platform. The underlying technology enables IT professionals to remotely access and monitor devices on the network. Using this technology, IT teams can troubleshoot virtual and physical devices and identify and remediate performance issues.

ControlUp supports five of the top eight health insurance companies in the U.S., four of the top six global telecom carriers, and several other enterprise customers. The company claims to support more than 5 million virtual and physical devices for more than 1500 users worldwide.

New funding round led by K1 Investment Management and JVP

K1 Investment Management and JVP recently led a new funding round for ControlUp, a digital employee experience management platform. The $100 million investment will help the company expand its platform and drive partnerships.

ControlUp will use the funds to improve the user experience of the platform for both its employees and clients. The company also plans to expand its workforce. It will hire 180 people globally by the end of 2020.

ControlUp has a strong R&D presence in Israel. It is a digital performance monitoring solution that gives IT teams a complete view of the health of their networks. They can use the software in both physical and virtual environments.

K1 Investment Management has invested in many high growth B2B software companies. These include Gravyty, Apttus, Buildium, and Clarizen.

Company’s digital employee experience management platform

An employee experience management platform can help you get more out of your employees. You can improve communication, boost engagement, and drive business outcomes. Employee-focused solutions can be the answer to staying competitive in a competitive recruitment landscape.

One of the key benefits of an employee experience management platform is enabling executives and individual contributors to make data-driven decisions. You can save time and resources by storing critical information in one place. The platform also allows you to see the big picture, including all of the moving parts of the company.

An employee experience management platform can also help you create a positive and equitable workplace. Employees are motivated and more productive when they feel supported and valued. By engaging and empowering your employees, you can increase productivity, retention, and profits.

Growth in enterprise accounts

ControlUp is a Silicon Valley-based company that develops technology that helps IT teams manage their desktops and infrastructures. It also monitors network performance and provides troubleshooting tools. The company has a large customer base, including four of the top six global telecom carriers and five of the top eight U.S. healthcare companies. These companies are using the software to improve their IT architecture and employee experiences.

The company has been working to increase its revenue and its customer base. In the last year, it reports that its revenues have risen by 50 percent. And it has experienced a 67% growth in its enterprise accounts. However, ControlUp’s valuation has not been disclosed. Asaf Ganot, the CEO, declined to share the details. He said that the company plans to use the funds to continue to grow its business and drive new partnerships.

Future plans

ControlUp has a major customer base of enterprises. Its IT infrastructure management platform has been used by some of the biggest US corporations. The company’s applications enable IT teams to keep their network performance and digital employee experience in check. They also provide IT architecture and troubleshooting tools.

ControlUp has been growing its revenue and customer base rapidly. Last year, the company’s revenues grew 50%. Its customers include four of the top six telecom carriers and five of the top eight US health care companies. ControlUp’s application helps users access business applications from anywhere, while providing real-time views of the digital employee experience.

ControlUp’s latest round of funding came from two investors, K1 Investment Management and JVP. Together, the two firms invested $100 million, bringing ControlUp’s total funding to $140 million.