Information About Lobuche Peak

Experience The Sherpa Culture & Lifestyle.

One of the most amazing things to travel around the world is that you can enjoy the diverse and unique cultures wherever you go. While exploring Lobuche Peak or Lobuche  with SummitClimb, you can get a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the flora and fauna of the region along with experiencing the settlement of beautiful Sherpa along the trail. The Sherpa people are happy and easy going fellas that will accommodate you well in your trip to enjoy the time of your life away from the rush and crowds of life in a calm and beautiful atmosphere. While trekking towards your final destination, Sherpa holds great importance as it offers you an opportunity to acclimate to the altitude if you are not genetically adapted to that type of altitude.

Best Time To Summit Lobuche Peak

While summiting any peak or mountain, the weather holds great importance. Usually, spring and autumn are the best time to summit Lobuche Peak. Spring and autumn add more beauty to the hill, trail and landscape, giving you more reasons to join the summit. However, you can also go for a trip to summit Lobuche during winter, but only if you are acclimated enough to bear the harsh cold weather while enjoying your plans to the summit. If you plan to go for summit Lobuche during 2022, you can choose from 16 to 20 March, 15 to 19 April, 29 to 3 May and 9 to 13 November plan by SummitClimb, according to your choice. You can also book Manaslu after you have successfully climbed Lobushe.

How Difficult Is It To Climb Lobuche Peak?

Lobuche Peak is considered a part of the world’s highest climbing trails and regions. The peak itself is about some 20000 feet in height and offer its kind of hindrances. But the great thing about the said peak is that it also provides the ground knowledge and experience before you for the world’s highest mountain. Lobuche peak has two distinct summits, Lobuje east (6119m) and Lobuje west (6145m). There are several routes to climb Lobuje peak; the usual route is via South-West Face or Southwest ridge. It is the most challenging trekking in Nepal.

With great passion, you also need a good physique and determined stamina to summit Lobuche Peak. Although you are not likely to have some tremendous climbing experience, you must trek for 5 to 8 hours daily before the summit day. On the day to summit Lobuche Peak, you must trek for 8 to 10 hours daily. Everest View Glacier School on Lobuche Peak by SummitClimb will offer you proper pre-climb training to demonstrate you professional use of crampons, ropes and other trekking and climbing gear. Summit Climb also run Everest Expedition. Everest expedition cost or Everest climbing cost differs as it can be climbed from Tibet and Nepal.