How to write fast during the exam?

Writing fast in the exam is a thing that many students struggle to do. Well writing fast in the exam is necessary most of the time, as it is seen that many students are unable to finish their exams on time, and eventually get low marks in their results. And the saddest part is that some of the students know the answer to the questions but due to their slow handwriting speed they were not able to cover them. Though writing fast in the exam is a bit tough work, with little practice you can achieve this skill too. Here are some ways listed below by which you can write fast in the exam.

Sit for numerous mock exams

Sitting for numerous mock exams is not only beneficial for the preparation for your exams, but it also impacts your speed of writing during the exams. Mock tests will train you before the main exam, where you can understand what are the things you need to work on and how you need to write the answers which can eventually enhance your speed. If you’re studying from any online course selling website, then look for mock exams if available there. The more you sit for mock exams, and the more you write, the more your speed will eventually be increased.

Plan before the exam

Generally, students get the question paper 15 minutes before the main exam. In that 15 minutes, you need to plan on how can you write the answers which will help you finish your exam faster. This includes writing the easy answers first or the ones which are perfectly known to you. Try attempting them first, and attempt the answers last which you aren’t much confident off. Writing the exam for some time will boost your confidence and you’ll eventually be able to answer those tough questions with ease, which you were not much confident about.

Ensure the things you need

Another thing which primarily slows you down is the lack of things which you need during the exams. Suppose you have forgotten the scale in your bag, and in the exam hall, you have to ask for a scale from someone, which is a waste of time. Many times, if the guard is strict, you may not be permitted to share equipment with others. Or it can happen that the ink of your pen runs out, which is a major problem too. For this make sure that you have all the things with you during the test which you primarily need, and then nothing can slow you down.

Learn to manage time

The skills of time management greatly help students in the exam halls too. Some students manage time, by doing big questions first, and keeping the short questions for afterward. Though it is not absolutely necessary, as if you’re accustomed to the primary technique of doing the short answers first, then finish it and next go to the bigger ones. Also, don’t sit for a question you don’t know, rather attempt the other questions and the unknown one might strike back to your mind later. Hence, managing time is necessary. You can learn this skill from various websites that work as an online course builder.

Calm yourself

The most important thing you should do to write fast during exam time is to remain calm. If you are fearing that a hard question paper will come, or getting angry by thinking of anything else, it simply won’t work. Be patient and calm, else the negative emotions will eventually slow you down during the exam, and you might not be able to complete it on time.

Have enough rest

It is seen that during exam time, many students don’t get adequate sleep at times. For preparing well, they go to bed late at night and wake up early in the morning. This affects your health badly, and you might feel sleepy in the exam hall or feel weak. Doing these is strictly prohibited if you want to write fast in the exam, and wish to complete it on time.


Lastly, you can also practice writing fast at home. You can take self-challenges at home, and write a note from a book or copy it to a page of yours within a particular amount of time. Practicing this exercise for a longer amount of time will likely get you faster than before.