How to turn your candle making hobby into a lucrative business

Perhaps you work as an accountant, a lawyer or a teacher during the day and have been dabbling in candle making in the evenings.

Candle making kit allows you to re-connect with the right side of your brain, allowing you to feel your creative juices again, something you might not have felt since high school. As time goes on, your candle making hobby will start to creep into your everyday life. Soon, you’ll be checking your email at the office for any delivery updates and going to weekend markets to look at what the candles are selling.

Now you are wondering if you have the potential to leave your 9-5 and make your candle making hobby a profitable business. The answer? The answer is yes! Every successful company had to start somewhere.

Define your unique brand identity

Make a list and decide on a name for your brand. Check out this article to learn how to create a brand name.

Get started on creating your brand’s identity. What are your brand’s values? What will your brand’s range look like? Will it be affordable and cheerful, or luxury and exclusive? Are you looking for something earthy and natural or modern and industrial?

Your ideal customer will help you decide what your brand is about. Remember that you don’t want to talk to everyone. It is crucial to find a niche to market your brand to.

You’ll need a logo to match the brand’s identity. See our candle business logo guide.

You will also need to establish your brand’s unique marketing proposition. This can be as simple as replacing candle inserts with luxurious components, or how wicks use embedded diamonds. Maybe you promise to donate 10% of your profits to a charity that aligns well with your ideal client.

Develop a product range

The best candle brands ensure consistency and reliability for customers. This builds trust that, over time, leads to customers who promote the brand to friends and family.

There are some things you need to remember when developing your product portfolio:

  • Your vessels (glasses concrete, stone, marble, metal)
  • You can choose from earthy, masculine or perfume scents.
  • Your packaging (brown-colored craft exudes luxury and sophistication)
  • Your wax (pure, natural soy, coconut and beeswax or a mixture thereof)

Create visual content

Visual content creation will help you transform your brand’s vision into tangible, transferable content that is easily accessible online.

At this stage, the $79.00 kogan light box along with an iPhone camera will do. An SLR is even better!

It is crucial to have this content early in your candle business.

Photography of high quality products

Each item in the range should have three to four images taken at different angles.

Lifestyle photography:

High-quality images that show your products in settings that fit your brand vision and branding.

Video content:

Video content generates 12 times more social media engagement than static images or text posts. It may take a little longer, but apps make creating video content far simpler than it once was.