How to try and become a successful live streamer

Regardless of what generation an individual is born in, they will likely have had dreams and aspirations as they grew up about what they wanted to do once they entered adulthood and needed to find a career to take up.

Indeed, some dreams can be rather ambitious at times, whilst others can be rather simple, but there should be no shame in what a person is aiming to achieve with their lives. In the past, becoming a professional sportsperson would have been one of the most popular things that people wanted to achieve, and whilst it still may, newer dreams have since been formed in more recent years, including becoming a live streamer.

At one time in the past, it would have been impossible to even think that an individual would be able to get a professional job playing video games for a living or by continually providing video content to an audience, however with rise of eSports and the competitive nature that gaming and live streaming provides, it is something that many have looked at as an aspiration that they want to achieve.

How do you get started?

Naturally, there will be a number of obstacles that could present themselves when it comes down to trying to forge a gaming career, with some of them likely to be beyond a person’s control. However, there are a number of things that individuals could look to do to try and become successful.

In reality, there is not a “one size fits all” cap when it comes down to live streaming, as there are a number of different things that people can look to do in order to enter the industry and try to become as successful as they possibly can.

Find a niche first

Finding that niche is going to have to be the very first step, though, as this is what could make or break an individual’s chance of turning their dream into a reality. A quick browse of video streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube will already show how the need to find a niche is evident within an instant.

Nonetheless, this does not mean it is not possible to do, as there are an endless amount of things that can be done, especially if the person can be entertaining about it and show they have a passion for whatever they are doing. An example could be someone who is passionate about playing online casino games and live streams their sessions for others to enjoy with them or be interactive about what they do, whilst others could look to try and live stream their reactions to a video that they are watching or a game that is being played.

Make sure you have the right equipment

Once a niche has been found and it is something that is doable and can actually remain rather enjoyable, the next best thing an individual could do is to try and ensure that they have the best setup and all of the right equipment in order to provide an experience that people are actually going to be interested in.

This is vitally important as this is going to have a huge influence on whether a person can be successful and potentially build a channel. For instance, someone might have found the perfect niche, but if the camera or audio quality is poor, people are going to become rather disinterested rather quickly and are going to look for alternatives, rather than come back.

Market yourself and learn about the platforms used

Once everything above has been sorted and the desired content has been recorded and uploaded to the sites being used, it would be wise to try and build the subscriber and audience numbers. This can be done in a couple of different ways, although none of them is going to be easy. In fact, it could be argued that this stage is amongst the hardest to accomplish.

Many will look to build a following on a variety of different social media platforms as these are free and can be highly effective when the right people are targeted, although they can be timely and can sometimes feel like the work being put in is not being rewarded at times.


Forging a successful career as a live streamer is going to be hard and require a lot of work, however there are a number of success stories out in the world at the moment that show the hard work pays off!