How to take part in Indian casino tournament

Every virtual casino in India hosts competitions. These are prize events in which the gambler will have the opportunity to win a six-figure jackpot. Participation in events is free of charge.

Who can take part in the casino tournament

Playing casino slots in tournament mode is interesting. The user has the opportunity to fight not against the invisible work with a random number generator, but with real people. In doing so, other participants may also suffer from failures. The Fortune Factor is the same for everyone.

To take part in the tournament event, you need to apply. This is done in the following way:

  • The player needs to go to the tournament section. The link to the page is at the top of the site.
  • The visitor needs to select the appropriate event. Up to 5 competitions can go to the top casino in India at the same time.
  • The player needs to read the terms of the event. In some tournaments, points are awarded for the number of wins, and in others for the coefficient that the user catches on his most successful bet. Some events are completely focused on high rollers.
  • The gambler needs to press the confirmation button. After that, the client of the gambling club will be registered as a real participant in the competition.

Event announcements are published in advance. This is not just done. In some tournaments, the jackpot exceeds INR 5,000,000 and includes up to 30 slots. Potential participants will need time to study the rules and prepare the budget.

What trophies await the winners of the tournament

The list of awards is known to casino guests in advance. The exception is progressive jackpot events. This means that the final size of the prize money is influenced by the players themselves. The more participants and the more actively they spin tournament games for money, the more intensively the counter grows.

Cash awards will not be given to a single winner. The prize fund is distributed according to the following principle:

  • Each tournament has its own number of prizes. Usually the first 10-20 participants can count on a percentage of the jackpot.
  • The top three take the main percentage. About 80% of the total amount is shared between the owners of the first, second and third places.
  • The leader takes the maximum. It can be 50% of the jackpot, and sometimes all 70%.

In addition to money, there are two more types of rewards. Indian casino players will be able to win free spins. Free spins is the main round in slot machines. It is during free spins that cool multipliers appear that multiply the bet by x100 or even x1000.

In exclusive events, as an alternative to cash prizes, foreign cars, smartphones, gaming laptops can be presented. Tournaments of this level are launched by the end of the year, when everyone can earn gifts for themselves and their loved ones.

How is the winner of the competition determined?

Each competition has its own set of rules. You need to pay special attention to this. Otherwise, the gambler runs the risk of getting into an event where the advantage will be on the side of rich players. Operators launch such events most often, since in these events there is an opportunity to make good money on the greed of high rollers.

Tournaments in which users are assigned points for odds are considered the most profitable. Simply put, when a gambler was able to increase his bet by 5,000 times, the administration will issue 5,000 points to the client’s account. In these conditions, everyone is equal, because such a multiplier can easily be caught even on a bet of 10 INR.

In prize events for high rollers, points are assigned for the number of wins or free spins. It is clear that a user with a solid budget gets an advantage. A rich player will be able to spin the reels longer, and therefore, with a high degree of probability, he will collect the maximum number of winning spins.

How to withdraw the jackpot from the online casino cashier

The payout in an Indian casino tournament can exceed Rs 3,000,000. These funds can be withdrawn both to a card and to an electronic wallet. But operators carry out transfers of large amounts, taking into account several principles:

  • It is easier to withdraw rupees to the cards of Indian banks. You can request up to 100,000 INR per card at a time. Electronic systems do not process such large transactions.
  • New customers cannot withdraw more than 200,000 rupees per day. Daily and monthly limits for each casino are different. It all depends on the reputation and existing bankroll of the gambling club.
  • Accounts with active bonuses at the cash desk are not serviced. The player needs to refuse the prize function or work out the wager promotion. For regular customers, this rule may be waived.
  • Jackpots are transferred only to verified players. The user needs to prove his age. This can be done through the transfer of scans of the passport, driver’s license. Small amounts up to INR 1,000 are paid anonymously. But again, sooner or later, the casino administration will check the documents of everyone.

The player’s payment details must match the data in the questionnaire. This is a precaution. Online casinos in India are considered among the safest. Each transaction is manually checked by the support staff and protects gamblers from scammers and annoying mistakes.

Tips for beginners in casino tournaments

Training and learning the mechanics of slot machines will help increase the chances of winning. By the way, do not rely on bonuses. As part of a tournament event, you can spin slots only with your own money.

Each tournament has several slots that make it easier to win. These are high volatility games. The machines rarely give out winnings, which confuses beginners. In fact, the user just needs to wait a moment.

High volatility means that sooner or later the application will bring a record multiplier. It can be x10000 or x30000. The player will instantly become the leader of the table and, moreover, will receive a large payout at once.

In demo mode, you can test any of the slots for an unlimited time. The user will have the opportunity to test different strategies and find out how often the emulator gives top multipliers. With respect to this, the size of the initial deposit is chosen.

As a rule, the truth is simple. The more money on the balance of the player, the easier it is for him to get to the desired result. Therefore, in Indian casinos, experienced gamblers recommend depositing large amounts in order to always play with a handicap and have a so-called financial cushion. In addition, it is not necessary to play tournaments all the time. A gambler can try his hand at progressive jackpot slots, where millions are also played.