How to quickly get rid of dark circles under the eyes?

How to quickly get rid of dark circles under the eyes if there is no cosmetics at hand?

It can take a long time to find the reason why you wake up every morning with circles under your eyes looking like a panda. There can be many reasons, ranging from genetics to lack of sleep or dehydration. But you need to disguise those circles as soon as possible in order to run out of the house in full dress. Of course, cosmetic interventions, including dermal fillers and other cosmetologist services, help in this matter. Also read about: Sturm Bangkok

Unfortunately, while there is no clinically proven way to permanently get rid of dark circles, there are skincare products and decorative cosmetics that temporarily improve the situation. But what if you don’t have all of this at hand? We have 7 life hacks.


Tea reduces inflammation and helps to get rid of swelling. In addition, tea contains caffeine – it has a vasoconstrictive effect and can make the veins that are visible through the thin and delicate skin around the eyes almost invisible. Of course, you need to not only drink it but make “lotions”, as our mothers did when we were little.

Proper sleep

Just do not skip this point, because from every iron you hear advice to sleep more. We are now talking about sleeping in a certain position … almost vertical! Try putting an extra pillow under your head tonight, this method can reduce swelling. And try not to sleep on your stomach – this position is your real enemy. And those who sleep all night on one side, pay attention, the swelling is always more under this eye.

Light massage

A gentle massage of the area around the eyes with lotion or face oil is a real spa trick that will temporarily help get rid of dark circles. Just make gentle circular movements along the massage lines. By the way, there is also a Japanese technique – place your index fingers on the points in the outer corners of the eyes, without stretching the skin, and press for 3 seconds, repeat this simple movement three times. True, this “trick” must be done systematically, it will definitely not work at once.

Ice baths

The most important thing for your beauty that you had to take out of the school curriculum is that the blood vessels constrict from the cold. It is on this principle that an ice cube wrapped in a thin towel works, it quickly removes swelling, and with it darkening. Swipe it several times around the area around the eyes in circular or light patting movements (only very gently). A great alternative to ice is a spoon! Keep it always in the freezer.

Powerful hydration

Have you noticed that dark circles look much more pronounced when your skin is dehydrated? Because dryness makes it even thinner, emphasizes the texture and all the imperfections. Use a serum or cream infused with hyaluronic acid and instead of rubbing in, apply a thicker layer and let it soak in for 10-15 minutes. Can you already hear your skin thank you?

Magic arnica

Absolutely folk “grandmother’s” method that works. Arnica is a medicinal plant that helps with bruising and muscle pain because it reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation. Its action accelerates the washing out of the water from the desired area, thus reducing swelling. Ideal for (or rather against) your bruising and swelling under the eyes.

Raw potatoes

If your dark circles are caused by pigmentation, almost invisible streaks, or thin skin, raw potatoes can temporarily lighten them. Potatoes contain the enzyme catecholase, which is responsible for this magical transformation. So put raw potato slices on your bruises and you will have happiness and a blooming appearance.