How to Pick an NFL Team to Bet on

Picking the right NFL team to bet on is a skill that not everyone has. However, with the help of this guide, you can take your NFL gambling strategy to new heights. Grab your pen and let’s run through everything you need to know, whether you’re a beginner or a diehard NFL fan.

Firstly, Find a Reliable Football Betting Website

So, you want to start betting on NFL games. Great – but you’ll need a platform to do this.

These days, there are tons of football betting sites and apps for fans to choose from. It’s recommended that you use, as these betting sites are all officially licensed and offer a variety of exciting bonuses to account holders.

To make an account with a betting site, you’ll need to register an email or phone number. You’ll also need to choose your preferred banking method, which for most people is either credit or debit card. In some cases, people will use PayPal and even Bitcoin, but this is subject to individual betting sites and their rules. For example, not all betting sites accept PayPal.

After making an account on an official platform, you can then use the following tips:

Don’t Allow Personal Bias to Affect Your Betting

In the NFL, you likely have a favorite team (or teams) that you support. This might be Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, or New York Giants – it’s an entirely personal preference. Whichever team you support, you mustn’t allow personal bias to get in the way of your betting.

Let’s say you’re a diehard Packers fan. Automatically, this might make you want to bet on the Packers to win every single game that they play. However, this is never going to happen.

Instead, you should avoid betting on teams that you have a personal affiliation with. Instead, stick to ‘neutral’ games where you have no personal investment in the outcome of the game. This will enable you to make smarter and better bets.

Pay Attention to Player Form

When picking an NFL team to bet on, pay attention to player form.

Heading into a weekend game, one player might be on fire when it comes to touchdowns which have led to their team winning several games on the bounce. If there’s a strong indication that this form is going to continue, it’s worth placing a bet on that team.

For example, Tom Brady has just recently come out of retirement to play for Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season. In his first comeback game, it’s almost guaranteed that Brady will be on-form during the first few games of the 2022-23 season.

Choose Your Type of Bet Carefully

In the world of NFL betting, there’s a variety of different bets you can place. The most popular type is the ‘moneyline’ bet, which is a simple bet on which team you think will win. Underneath this are various other bet types to pick from, such as ‘over/under’. Example: Las Vegas Raiders will score over 33 points.

If you have a particular type of bet in your mind, choose a team that will perform favorably with that bet. For example, don’t bet on a typically low-scoring team to score above 33 points.