How to Make Custom Acrylic Key chains With Pictures

Pictures are like memories frozen in time. And the perfect way to keep a beautiful memory with you is to keep it with something you always have with you. Your keys! Yes, you can make an acrylic keychain for yourself using your favorite pictures and always have a part of a loving memory with you throughout your day. Here is how you can create one for yourself or to gift it to someone!

Choosing the Base

You can choose whatever size and shape of acrylic base you want. Key chains are usually small. A big one can be uncomfortable so make sure you select the right size for yourself. Compare it with the picture you selected and see if both of them go well. It is important that the shape of the acrylic base collaborates nicely with the picture. Trim your picture according to the keychain you want.

Mod Podge Sealing

Place your picture over the base and use mod Podge to glue it down and seal it. Use more than one coat and place it on the side to dry up perfectly. If you feel it still needs some work, feel free to add another coat of Mod Podge.

Resin Coating

Mod Podge is a good sealant but resin provides that extra protection layer and a glossy finish. Use a UV resin as it cured quickly and is easy to work with too. Use a tiny amount of resin and pour it over the keychain. Look out for any spills around the edges. Use a toothpick or brush to smooth it out and then place it under the UV light. This hardens it instantly. You can choose the time you want. Use a thin layer of resin. The thick coating can take more time to dry completely and it displays an untidy look too.

Keychain Clasp

This is the final step in creating a keychain. Adding the most important part of the chain. A clasp! This is what makes the keychain, a keychain. You can buy these from a stationery shop or use the ones attached with the old key chains that you no longer need. The clasps are reusable unless they are rusted or damaged.

And that is all to create a very personal customized keychain that holds great sentimental value. A picture close to your heart and even closer cfcnet to your keys!