How to hunt for the best accommodation in Chennai

Moving to a new place like Chennai evokes mixed feelings; you will be excited, nervous, and confused too for a lot of things. A place far away from the family can be overwhelming for many of us. Also, the excitement is on another level as we get to explore the new place with different cultures, food, lifestyle, and yes, new opportunities too. The only thing we all get worried about is finding a good place for us.

Once you find an excellent place to live for yourself, it will help you adjust to the surroundings. So, it is always a great idea to find the flats for rent in Chennai beforehand to avoid any last-minute hustle. So, here we have some steps to help you get the best-rented apartment in Chennai or any other place.

  1. Do your research – It is always recommended to do good research work. Good research will help you understand things and will clear all your doubts. While doing research, you need to decide under what budget you are looking for an apartment. This will help you to narrow down the options you will find on the internet. Also, do check the average cost of living in Chennai so that you easily get an overview of the minimum budget you need to find an apartment. Look for the properties online and do check the amenities as well. Do not forget to look for the different neighbourhoods for good options. It will help you to make a wise decision in your budget.
  2. Consider your commute – It is important for you to know the distance between your college or your workplace to the apartment you are interested in. Also, look for the traffic dynamics during rush hour. Make sure to select one which gives you the option to get the public transit options in case of emergencies.
  3. Find the right agent – Doing everything alone can be tedious as renting an apartment requires some documentation. In case you cannot manage everything all on your own; it is always a great idea to seek the help of a reliable agent who will take off your burden.
  4. Keep your documents ready – It is always advised to keep the documents ready beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush. Keep all the basic documents like PAN card, Aadhaar card, address proofs, passport size photographs, related documents, etc., handy. It is also great to keep one or two Xerox copies of such documents. Don’t forget to keep full records of bank statements, credit checks, etc., for convenience. Also, know that you have to pay the first month’s rent in advance, so you should be ready with some cash in hand.
  5. Visit, if possible – One should never rely on what we see online. If possible, make sure to visit the place beforehand and look for everything that has been written online. Look for all the amenities listed and do talk to the landowner, if possible. Do ask them the questions, if you have any. This will give you a clear mind before finally living in the place. Also, this will help you to build a trust level. In case you feel like making changes or improvements, you can ask them for it under your budget. Take full advantage of visiting the place, meeting the landlord in person, and trying to negotiate. It might help you to save some bucks for sure. It is always said something is better than nothing, right.
  6. Signing the agreement – Never fall for it when someone says that lease is not required. So, it is advised never to go for oral agreements as it does not adhere legally. Personally, look at all the documents once and take a good 1-2 times read before signing anything. Look for all the details like terms and conditions, time duration, amount of rent, rent paid in advance, last date to pay the rent monthly, rules you both need to follow, and much more. Make sure not to forget about the refund of the security deposit and the clause for breaking the lease. Also, if in doubt, always go for a short-term lease. You can extend it further once you feel comfortable staying there. Once you look for all these things, you can sign the lease.

So, these are some tips that will make your hunt easy for apartments for rent in Chennai. Right research will make everything easy and convenient for you. Just try to filter all the amenities and facilities you cannot go without and prepare the list.