How To Fix AdBlock Not Working On Twitch

Twitch is a video live streaming service based in the United States specializing in gameplay broadcasting, notably esports tournaments, music, artistic material, and “in real life” streams. 

Twitch, like most successful streaming services, occasionally bombards users with advertisements. Many people have resorted to using ad blockers as a result of this.

Although ad blockers will prevent users from seeing adverts while watching a video, Twitch appears to have discovered a new technique to target these people. The Twitch notice that appears instructs users to click to enjoy the most extraordinary Twitch experience, which most likely means disabling ad blockers.

Numerous Twitch viewers pointed out that advertising is frequently louder than the video itself. Therefore they prefer the static still images to the booming noise of a commercial in the middle of life. Some dubbed the ads “gag,” pointing out that they frequently attempted to target gamers and the live stream industry overtly. Bud Light has a commercial that glorifies Twitch moderators, which appears unpopular with viewers. When they encounter an ad on Twitch, some users say they add the product to a list of things they would never buy.

As mentioned below, Twitch generates revenue through advertisements and taking a share of payments used to acquire digital products or administrations like Bits and memberships. Marketers include numerous gaming firms, game portals, game designers, and gaming event organizers, fostering a video game-obsessed fanbase.

Its income arrangement for presenters is an appealing choice that attracts many talented players to its site. Twitch’s income will grow as a result of this.

Why do I use an ad-blocker when watching Twitch?

Twitch is infamous for providing a lot of commercials, and if a viewer has a long ad break, they may be offered up to 9 advertisements in succession.

Users regard this as a complete nightmare. The detailed advertisement will play at regular intervals in other nations, driving people insane.

Using an effective ad-blocker for Twitch will allow you to enjoy the complete version without being distracted by external alerts while broadcasting.

Furthermore, let’s look at what you may do if AdBlock cannot block adverts on Twitch.

Although many Twitch users preferred the still image, many individuals were offended by Twitch’s ostensibly dishonest techniques. According to several viewers, the streaming network incorrectly stated that third-party ad-blocking software “impact Twitch’s performance,” according to several viewers. They haven’t picked up on anything.

AdBlock may not be functioning on Twitch for several reasons. It’s possible that you’re to use an outdated AdBlock edition on your web page. It’s also possible that a web browser player or Chrome’s Network Service is at fault. There could be an issue with your web page or a clash with another addon. Even AdBlock’s filters, if not correctly configured, might lead it to fail on Twitch.

  • A chrome extension that can prevent adverts is software that changes how commercials are shown whether you’re using an app or a web browser (or disables it entirely).
  • AdBlock may not be able to block a Twitch ad that is put straight into the stream.

How To Fix A Twitch AdBlock That Isn’t Working?

Some of the methods AdBlock may be used to prevent adverts on Twitch:

1) AdBlock must be updated

Problems may emerge if consumers do not maintain their modules on a routine basis. Check if you’re using an AdBlock version that doesn’t prevent Twitch ads.

This is how one can accomplish it (if you’re using Chrome):

  • Open Chrome.
  • Turn on Developer mode 
  • Next, choose ‘Update’ to upgrade all of your Browser extensions.

2) Use a Different Twitch.TV Player

Twitch Alternate Player is a Twitch. The tv plugin was previously known as Twitch 5. This application allows users to watch the stream using another player, such as VLC Streaming Device or Media Player Classic. It can eliminate most commercials from live broadcasts, and the settings may be modified to suit your online connection.

Try downloading Alternative Player for Twitch, install the extension, then restart your browser to check whether the problem is resolved.

3) Experiment with Filters

You may manually update the list, block list, and custom filter lists in AdBlock. Add the Twitch advertising broadcast to the application’s blocklist to see if it helps.

To access the AdBlock settings, click the AdBlock extension and gear icon.

  • Next to ‘Manually edit your filters,’ click “Customize” and then “Edit.”
  • each line, add the following:
  • To test whether this has helped, save and restart the browser.

4) Make use of the Brave Browser

This open-source browser is free and disables both advertisements and website trackers.

To check if this addresses the problem, download, install and run Brave Browser.

5) Modify Chrome’s preferences

It’s possible that AdBlock won’t be able to link to Chrome’s communication network. Check if this is a problem; try the following:

  • To begin, open Chrome and type “chrome:/flags” into the address bar.
  • Disable “Data reduction proxies with distributed system” and “Runs network in-process” after typing “Network Service” into the search flags box.

6) Install the AdGuard Extension.

AdGuard is a browser plugin that disables advertisements such as rich media ads, video commercials, banner ads, pop-ups, etc.

It can support several AdBlock circumvention scripts, Twitch’s preferred method.

AdGuard may be downloaded, installed, and operated. This might be the solution. 

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