How to Find the Best React Native Developer for Your Business

To date, the market is represented by a huge number of developers with any direction.  But this does not mean that you can easily find the right employee. Therefore, today we will understand how you can find the best React Native Developer.

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What is React Native?

Let’s start with the fact that the React Native platform is designed for developing applications for both iOS and Samsung. With the help of this framework, such well-known applications as Facebook, Instagram, Uber Eats, and many others were created.  Accordingly, a React Native Developer is a person who can help with the development of applications and the implementation of projects.

What skills should a React Native Developer have?

 To be a specialist who is good at this framework, you need to have certain skills, such as:

  1. Knowledge of the basics and process of mobile development;
  2. Understanding JavaScript and experience with React.js;
  3. Knowledge of the features of working with IOS and Android;
  4. Knowledge of ready-made commands for working with React.

This is only the minimum set of knowledge that is needed. The more skills a specialist has, the better. This means that he will be able to adapt and create almost any project.

Therefore, the first thing you need to look at when choosing a specialist is his skills. If he has all the above knowledge, then he is on the right path to choose.


To choose a good specialist, you need to familiarize yourself with his portfolio and similar works.

Be clear about the project you need. You need to understand what you want to get in the end. After that, ask the specialist for examples of his work, and portfolio and find out if the applications are developed in the right style, and whether you like them.


Nothing can be as valuable as the opinion of other users about a specialist. To do this, you need to ask for a resume and a developer and communicate with the companies with which he worked. Find out if the project was implemented on time, how well the work was done and whether it is worth devoting time to this developer.


Take a close look at the career path of professionals who approach you with their proposals. Nobody is born trained and nobody starts with a huge curriculum or product portfolio, it’s true, but depending on your needs, you should decide to leave your project in more or less experienced hands. Don’t be afraid to ask in the places that these people have developed: they will give you a very objective point of view and a real vision of what you will get by inviting them to your project.


A good specialist will determine the approximate terms for the creation and delivery of his work. This is also a moment to which you need to pay attention. Clear deadlines must be set.


In any project, it is vital to define the roles that both parties, the designer and the customer, will take on. For example:

-Design, programming, and commissioning;

– Creation of content;

-Monitoring.  This includes customer registration process, sales, contact, pre-sales and after-sales service, technical support, returns, etc.;


  -Positioning and SEO;

-Marketing and advertising (Social networks, blogs, Ad-Words, etc.).

Think and define with your developers what roles they will take on and what roles you will take, and focus on working on them.

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