How to Enhance Video Quality

It is extremely frustrating when your video contains blurry spots because it indicates that the visual quality is not good. This is true whether the video was recorded with a mobile phone or an old television show or movie, and it occurs when playing these videos on high-definition displays.

What can you do to make these hazy videos more visible? In this post, you’ll learn about how to make a video less blurry.

Common Causes of Unexpected Blurred Video

The blurring problem might be linked to the result of anything going wrong when the video was being created, or it can be an indicator of a problem with the hardware that has been installed. In such a situation, you need to do video recovery to restore the service to normalcy.

Here are some of the most prevalent reasons for unexpectedly blurred footage.

Hard Disk Space

The video may be fuzzy due to an excessive amount of data being stored on the hard disc, even if the media player programme is sophisticated and supports the appropriate codecs.

System settings should be tweaked, and background processes should be terminated if possible. Uninstalling any system apps that are no longer in use might also be beneficial.

Compatibility with a Variety of File Types

If this turns out to be your circumstance, try running the video file using another multimedia programme. If that doesn’t work, try changing the file format and re-opening the file again.

Support for Codecs

Having powerful and intelligent media player application software makes a difference because it is possible that you have downloaded the correct format video file that is compatible with the media player application software installed on your system, but due to a lack of supported codecs, it was unable to be processed properly. As a result, video blur, sync, and other issues appear on-screen.

The Integrity of the File

Many people download video files from websites, particularly movies, and are disappointed when they blurry because of inadequate encoding. It is necessary to digitize the video correctly to prevent the blur problem.

You may try altering the media player settings, making modifications, and re-checking the video files. Alternatively, you can download a video that has been encoded according to the most current standards.

Common Ways to Fix Blurry Videos

It’s disappointing to discover that a family film that is important to you is blurry. You may, however, quickly correct the blurriness of your video. Here is how the techniques for fixing blurry videos.

Enable Safe Mode When the Device Is Restarted

Simply hold down the power button on your Smartphone. You will find several power choices in this section. It is necessary to repeatedly hit the Power off button until a popup window stating “Reboot in Safe Mode” displays. Then press the OK button. After restarting, check to see if there is any evidence of a blurry video issue.

Restarting the Device

You may be aware that restarting a device may resolve various unexpected issues with it. When we use computers excessively, we may have issues such as computer hang. To resolve these difficulties, we need to restart the device. So, if you have an issue with fuzzy movies, you might try restarting your laptop.

Force Your Camera Application to Close

Another simple remedy for blurry video is to push your camera app to the top of the screen. Navigate to the Settings menu on your mobile device. Then choose the Apps option from the drop-down menu. The Application Manager will be accessible via this menu choice. Look for the Camera application in this section. Then click the Force Stop button to bring the programme to a halt.

The Ultimate Secret to Solving Blurry Videos – Recoverit

A video may become blurry owing to various factors, including storage space, application, and many more. Wondershare Recoverit has an extra video fixing capability that may be used to correct a fuzzy video. The application can repair practically any video file, regardless of its file size or the nature of the problem.

Listed below are the steps to doing it.

Step 1: To begin, open the lost video recovery programme and select the recycle bin folder.

Step2: The Recoverit tool will begin scanning the area for your missing video files, which will take a few minutes.

Step 3: Browse all recovered videos and previews when the scan is completed. To store your video files on a safe device, select them and click the “Recover” option.


The issue of Video Blur has been highlighted in this post, and we’ve attempted to resolve it by offering a specific remedy for the problem. We hope you found the information above helpful.

Video corruption is caused by poor editing, virus assaults, interrupted video file transfers between computers, faulty upload, and more.

Luckily, Recoverit is capable of resolving the most fundamental issues associated with file corruption.