How To Do A 30 Days Mental Health Challenge


30 days challenge!

That is something we all get excited about when it comes to taking care of our mental health through the busy schedule, which puts us in a rat race every day. So, it is a relief that when we reach home, we have something to do for ourselves.

People generally get discouraged about the whole idea of mental health challenges because of the lack of time.

They think taking care of themselves will require them to take a huge chunk of time out for themselves.

This could be far from true!

You just have to spare an hour to thirty minutes of your daily life, and you will be much more aware of your mental health than before.

So, why not begin today?

Here is a guide on how to do a 30-day mental health challenge along with a customized thirty-day challenge.

What Can You Achieve From This Challenge

Here are some of the key benefits of the thirty-day mental health challenge, which will encourage you to begin today.

This can also be an excellent way to start your new year. Take small steps rather than taking some huge resolution that you aren’t even able to maintain for even a month. For example, today you can just book your first therapy sessions from one of the best counselling therapy services in Singapore.

– It will give you a chance to think about your mental health for once.

– It will help you to exercise healthy habits in your life.

– It will help you in distress after a long day of work.

– It will help you deal with mental health issues with much resilience.

How To Do A 30 Days Challenge

Here are some of the ways in which you can begin with your 30 days challenge for this month.

1. You Do Not Have To Wait

Yes, you do not have to wait for another month to come to start your 30 days challenge. You can start today.

2. You Do Not Have To Feel Selfish

Just because you are canceling a plan because you want to sit in your room and read doesn’t make you a selfish person, so stop feeling like this.

3. Do Nor Give Up (Even If You Miss A Day)

There is a possibility that you might miss out on a day, but you do not have to feel guilty about that or give up. Just continue it the next day.

4. Ask A Friend To Join

Teamwork always makes it more fun, so why not ask your best friend or partner to join the challenge. Do not force them through.

5. Do Not Stop After Thirty Days

You have embarked upon a beautiful journey in these 30 days, and incorporated some good habits, do not stop after that.

30 Days Challenge

Now, low and behold, here is your perfectly customized thirty-day challenge. Begin with your journey toward better mental health from today itself.

1. Star A Gratitude Journal 2. Practise A Breathing Exercise 3. Catch Up With A Friend 4. Start Yoga Or A Stretching Regime 5. Donate Something You Do Not Use Anymore 6. Buy Some Flowers For Yourself 7. Catch Up With Some Reading
8.  Go Without Consuming Sugar For A Day 9. Make A 100 Song Playlist 10. Take A Long Aromatic Shower Or Bath 11. Go For A Walk At The Break Of Dawn 12. Go To Bed 30 Min Earlier 13. Go Without Any Caffeine For A Day 14. Watch Your Favorite Comfort Movie
15. Give Someone A Compliment 16. Plan Your Bucket List 17. Cook A Healthy Dinner 18. Facetime Your Family 19. Start therapy 20. Bake something sweet 21. Have A Digital Detox
22.  Declutter Your Drawers 23. Delete Toxic Social Media Accounts 24.  Start A Memory Journal 25. Spend Some Time In Nature 26. Try 5 min meditation 27. Invite your friends for lunch 28. Give Your house a deep clean
29. Try An Old Hobby 30. Take Yourself On A Dinner Date          

Take Care Of Yourself!

If you were able to complete the challenge for thirty days, then congratulations!

However, that is not the only thing that you need to do if you wish to take care of your mental health. Consistency is the key. Therefore, ensure that you are not someone who is stopping after one success.

I am sure you have enjoyed these activities, then do it all over again!