How to Clean Blinds?

Spring is finally here, and that means one thing: cleaning! Whether your windows need a good wiping down or your curtains need a good ruffling, there’s no denying that spring cleaning is always a good idea. But what about the blinds? Do they need to be cleaned as well?

The answer is yes – blinds definitely need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them looking their best. Here are four tips to help you clean blinds easily and effectively:

  1. Clean as you go: One of the biggest benefits of cleaning blinds as you go is that it keeps the work area tidy. Instead of having to dismantle the whole window covering to clean it, you can simply reach up and clean wherever you see dirt or dust.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner: If cleaning as you go isn’t practical or if your blinds are particularly dirty, using a vacuum cleaner can be a great way to get them clean. Just be sure to use the correct attachments – a dustbin attachment for example – in order to avoid damage.

How to Clean Blinds with a Sprayer

Blinds can be a frustrating part of your home to clean. Here’s how to Blinds cleaning with a sprayer:

1) Remove the blinds from their bracket.

2) Fill an empty spray bottle with water and squirt it into the inside of each blind.

3) Close the blinds and hold them in place for a few seconds to activate the water.

4) Wring out the blinds as much as possible.

5) Place a clean cloth over the top of each blind and pull down gently. Repeat on the other side.

6) Put the blinds back in their bracket and enjoy your freshly cleaned windows!

How to Clean Blinds with a Vacuum cleaner

Blinds are one of the most common pieces of furniture in a home. They can also be one of the most troublesome to keep clean. A blind can easily accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris over time. If left unchecked, this buildup can lead to blindness when the particles become lodged in the eyes.

To clean a blind with a vacuum cleaner, follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove the blind from its mountings.

Step 2: Locate and remove any cords or hoses connected to the blind.

Step 3: Vacuum all surfaces of the blind including the frame, fabric, and wires. Be sure to cover all crevices and corners.

Step 4: Wipe down the blind with a dry cloth to ensure that all dust and debris are removed.

If you experience difficulty cleaning your blind, consult your local hardware store for a cleaning kit designed specifically for this type of furniture.

How to Clean Blinds with a Brush

Cleaning blinds can be a hassle, but it’s not impossible with the right tools and some know-how. Here are five tips to get the job done quickly and easily:

  1. Start by removing any dust or debris that may be on the blinds. Use a vacuum cleaner or a dust cloth to clean off any larger pieces.
  2. Then, use a brush to clean the inside of each window frame. Be sure to brush around the cords and adjusting mechanisms.
  3. Finally, use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the blinds.

How to Clean Blinds with Vinegar

If you have blinds that are not able to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, then you can try using vinegar.

Blinds that are made of a non-woven material such as fabric or vinyl may require a little more effort to clean, but vinegar will work just fine. Simply pour a small amount of vinegar onto a cloth and gently wipe down the blinds. Be sure to rinse the vinegar off completely before putting the blinds back up.


Blinds can be a hassle to clean, but with a few simple steps, they can be kept clean and looking great. Start by washing them in warm soapy water using a heavy-duty detergent. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly and then allow them to air dry. Once they are dry, use a window cleaner or glass cleaner on a cloth to wipe down the entire surface of the blinds. Finally, apply a coat of window sealant if desired.